Universal Phone Mount

Mount any phone anywhere

Part Number 334601-DLX

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Watch this short video to learn how the Rokform Universal Phone Mounting System works:

Rokform’s newly patented technology is now available for any phone! Thanks to the Universal Phone Mount Adapter, fans of Rokform technology can tap into the array of mounting options that Rokform offers. The adapter easily sticks to most hard surfaces, allowing you to choose whether you want to apply it with or without a case. If you’ve been stuck in the middle of wanting Rokform technology but not quite ready to make the jump to full protection, this Universal Phone Mount is for you!

Easily mount your mobile device with or without a case to most hard surfaces. Designed, and engineered in the USA.

Universal Phone Mount Kit Includes:

  • Universal Adapter
  • Anti-Slip grip
  • Magnet
  • Easy-Stick Mount
  • Easy-Stick Magnetic Mount

Customer Reviews

Unboxing & Product Review Review by Genesis Santos

Not let down by this product! I highly recommend this for any gym goers; not only gym goers, but multi use like gps and go pro! Here's a review!


(Posted on 6/22/15)

Different Color ? Review by Fred

Looks like a great product for me because I switch through a few different cases (including my Rokform and love the mounting system it has) but Let's get some different colors in.
I'd buy a white one right now if it was possible.

(Posted on 3/10/15)

Love it! Review by James

I bought the universal mount to use with the Rokform motorcycle mount without having to buy a whole new case. I was immediately sold by the newfound convenience of the magnetic mounting. The magnet is impressively strong! And I never worried at all when my phone was mounted to the motorcycle handlebar mount. That's saying something for a stick on part. I'm so impressed with it that I have since purchased a new Rokform phone case, and am now using the universal mount to hold my Valentine One radar detector securely to my motorcycle with an RMS mount. The uses are far beyond just phones, and the wide variety of mounts makes anything possible. Awesome!

(Posted on 12/14/14)

love it Review by astra

Easy and works with any phone! This is a great buy.

(Posted on 10/17/14)

Amazing! Review by markarobey

I recently switched cellular companies, but didn't want to give up my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. So since I mountain bike and also like to use a GPS in the car I decided the universal mount was the way to go. I picked up the Otterbox case because it would be tough if I wrecked my bike, the Rokform Universal Mount, Rockform Bicycle Mount and the Rokform Window Mount (the one with the suction cup). I removed the belt clip from the Otterbox plastic case and installed the Rokform Universal Mount onto it. With the mounts in place I can now use my Note 3 in the car or on the trails. Even with such a heavy case the Rokform products have held up well. I haven't had to replace anything. Its also survived a pretty bad bicycle wreck. Rokform is the way to go! I recommend them to everyone.

(Posted on 5/15/14)

Wow! Review by Mark

I've had the universal mount for a week and absolutely love it. With a phone as large and as new as the Nokia 1520, decent cases are hard to come by. I purchased a slim case from another vendor and simply attached the Rockform universal mount to the back of the case as shown in the video. I then used the included click mount on my exisiting car mount for my old phone...and now I can simply click my 1520 in my car.

I was nervous about the magnetic properties and how strong it would be, but it holds my large phone with ease. I guess I never realized how great it would be to have a strong magnet built into the case on my phone...until I went to the restroom at work. ;)

The mount is extremely low profile, strong and the kit includes everything you need. Mine accidentally shipped without the magnet for the mount, but Rokform had it out the same day I notified them. Showed up a couple of days later and installed with ease.

I actually NEEDED to use the universal mount, but I imagine it is a great option even for those with an iPhone or Samsung phone where you simply want to keep the case you have on there now.

(Posted on 1/17/14)

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