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iCloth Cleaning Wipes

iCloth Cleaning Wipes

Anti-static Wipes - 40pack

Part Number 390399

Price: $15.00
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iCloth Features:
  • The fastest and easiest way to clean fingerprints dust and dirt from your Apple products: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Macbook, desktop, etc…streak-free clean with every wipe
  • Safely and effectively clean all screens and electronic devices as well as prescription, performance and protective eyewear
  • Cleaned surfaces will repel oils and grease, making them easier to keep clean
  • 40 pack comes in convenient desktop package
  • Engineered with unsurpassed quality for the aerospace industry. iCloth® is the best cleaning wipe you will ever use
  • We use them in every Rokbed v3 phone kit. The wipe cleans and prepares the surface for mounting the RMS better than anything we tested
  • Once you use these wipes you will never go back to Glass Cleaner and a paper towel

Customer Reviews

Really works well! Review by Allan

This product really surprised me. I had been cleaning my stuff with a micro-fiber cloth... It hit me one day how gross the micro-fiber is. I started using these and was really impressed with how clean these got my iPad vs how dirty my previous habits were keeping my stuff.

(Posted on 10/23/13)