v3 Magnet Combo Kit

For Magnetic Mounting

Part Number 330399-10pk-mag

Price: $19.99

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For a limited time we are offering this combo color magnet kit for the displayed low price. Want to try the easiest hands-free mounting option ever? Pick up a v3 magnet kit, which includes a magnet-ready anti-slip grip and high pull magnet. Once you’ve placed the magnet in your protective phone case, your mounting options are limitless. Attach your phone with a v3 mountable phone case to any magnetic surface (think toolbox, refrigerator, workout machine, etc.) or put a Lil’Rok Magnet Mount on any non-magnetic surface to create your own convenient location.

  • Thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip inserts (10 pack, one of each color)
  • Thermoplastic elastomer anti-slip grip insert
  • 10 lb. rare earth magnet
  • Mounts to nearly any magnetic surface
  • Compatible with all v3 mountable phone cases