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iPhone 5c Mountable Case

RokBed v3 w/ Car Dash Mount

Part Number 3012

Price: $39.00

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Multi-tasking at its best. This iPhone 5C case accomplishes max protection and style, all while keeping your hands free to go about your busy life. With the included easy stick, hands-free mount (RMS), you can mount your iPhone 5C to just about any flat surface (try our favorite, the car dashboard!).

Designed and engineered in the USA.

iPhone 5c Protective and Mountable Case Features:
  • Six-sided protection
  • Injection molded high-impact polycarbonate frame
  • Thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip insert
  • Variety of compatible, mountable accessories
  • Includes Easy-Stick Remote Mount
Materials and Specifications:
  • Weight: 30 Grams (1 oz)
  • Dimensions: Length 130mm (5.1in), Width 64.5MM (2.54in), Thickness 14.75mm (.58in)
  • Material (case): Polycarbonate
  • Material (grip): TPV

Customer Reviews

Great Case Review by Stiga

I bought this over the Lifeproof case because there was not a case for the 5C yet. I only give it a 4 for protection cause it is not a completely waterproof case like the Lifeproof. I have really liked this case and would recommend it to my friends. I had an unfortunate, unlikely accident while walking onto an elevator, the phone slipped out of my hands and fell through the 1 inch crack and down the elevator shaft. Thinking that it might not survive the 10 or so foot fall to the cement below (Mostly concerned about the open face) when I got it back it didn't even have a scratch, I couldn't even tell that it had dropped.

(Posted on 11/25/13)

Great case for the 5C Review by Andrazy

I switched to this case from the Otterbox Defender(Way too bulky for my liking) for company iPhone 5C.
The case quality is top notch no imperfections seen in mine at all, fits the 5C really well, while not adding to the phone thickness, not making it bulky at all, but I don't have any accessory clips attached to it currently. The added car mount was nice but mine came unglued and twisted off by my 3rd day with it, the twist lock connection is very strong and I might have cranked a lil too hard. I do have the magnet kit in my case so I can stick my phone to any metal surface with super ease and do plan to get the magnet car kit which seems like the better way to go. I gave the protection rating a 4 star because there were 2 things about the case that I wasn't super crazy for. 1-the case is polycarbonate so it is slippery to hold with only a small rubber triangle on the back for non-slip. 2- all the ports for headphones, lightning, volume, power, switch, and the mounting hole on the back are exposed, no stopping dust/dirt from getting in, and there is no bumper band around the case like the rokshield version for the added protection. They do include a plug for the mounting hold but it requires removing the case from the phone to take on and off, easier just to leave it off if you plan to use the mounting feature, it woulda made more sense to have it removable from the exterior like all the accessories but maybe they'll do it in the future. All in all the case is great seeing as there aren't a lot of choices for the iphone 5c case wise yet and this one combines semi-ruggedness with total functionality with all the different accessories that can go along with it. I

(Posted on 10/25/13)