Get Huge Rewards by Doing Little...

Rokform Rewards Program

Earning Rokform Points

1 Point

  • For every $1.00 spent
  • For sharing a product link
  • For referring a friend by email
  • For Liking on Facebook
  • For Tweeting on Twitter
  • For Pinning on Pinterest
  • For Google +1

5 Points

  • For joining the VIP email list
  • For writing an approved product review
  • For each Referral you send who places an initial order
  • For following @Rokform on Twitter

10 Points

  • For joining the rewards program (simply by registering for an account)

50 Points

  • For a Customer's Birthday

What You Can Do With Your Points

Cashing in your points is easy. After you've registered with us, you'll receive 10 points immediately to put towards your first purchase. Each point is worth 10 cents, so we're giving you a dollar off just for signing up. If you want to earn more points, it's easy to do by simply following any of the 13 steps listed above.

Some restrictions may apply. Points expire after one year, so make sure you remember to use them. Best of all, there is no minimum purchase and there is no maximum limit on how many points you can redeem in a single purchase. It's just our way of rewarding you as a loyal Rokform customer!