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مكبر صوت لاسلكي للجولف G-ROK

السعر المخفَّض$99.99 USD
Part Number: 336501

نقدم لكم مكبر صوت الجولف G-ROK الحائز على جوائز من Rokform . يلتصق مكبر صوت الجولف المحمول الذي يعمل بتقنية البلوتوث على الفور بأي عربة جولف وأسطح معدنية أخرى. غلافها المتين المقاوم للماء والغبار iPX7 مثالي داخل الملعب أو خارجه. توفر لك G-ROK عمر بطارية يصل إلى 24 ساعة، ونطاق 30 قدمًا من الصوت عالي الجودة اللاسلكي، ومقبض مغناطيسي قوي لعربة الجولف الخاصة بك. هذا مكبر الصوت ضروري لجميع لاعبي الغولف!

  • سهل الاستخدام: يوفر مكبر صوت الجولف الخاص بنا صوتًا رائعًا وتحكمًا صوتيًا اتجاهيًا من خلال هاتفك. لا توجد مشابك أو أشرطة معقدة تنكسر وتضيع.
  • طويلة المدى: نطاق لاسلكي يصل إلى 30 قدمًا.
  • لا حاجة إلى تطبيق : يعمل G-ROK مع أي مشغل موسيقى Android أو iOS.
  • صوت ستيريو: قم بمضاعفة صوت G-ROK الثاني للحصول على تجربة ستيريو مثالية.
  • يعمل مع أي جهاز لاسلكي: قم بتوصيل مكبرات الصوت لعربة الجولف G-ROK بالتليفزيون أو الهاتف أو الجهاز اللوحي أو أي جهاز بلوتوث.
  • مشغل ذكي: يتم تشغيله أثناء الشحن ويتم إيقاف تشغيله بعد 15 دقيقة من عدم النشاط لتوفير البطارية.
  • حامل مغناطيسي قوي: يحتوي كل مكبر صوت لعربة الجولف G-ROK على 2 × 31.75 مم × 6.35 مم (1.25 بوصة × 0.25 بوصة) مغناطيس نيوديميوم N52 بوزن 38 رطل. من السحب.
  • صغير الحجم وخفيف الوزن : يزن مكبر الصوت G-ROK 502 جرامًا فقط (17.7 أونصة)، بأبعاد إجمالية تبلغ 78 مم × 44 مم × 165 مم (3.07 بوصة × 1.73 بوصة × 6.5 بوصة).
  • بطاقة SD اختيارية تخزن ما يصل إلى 5000 أغنية: تشغيل الموسيقى باستخدام الهاتف أو بدونه
  • Biggest Hit on The Course

    Why Our G-ROK Speaker is a Golf Must Have

    Make your golfing experience better with our magnetic golf speaker. Enjoy great music on the green with our powerful and rugged golf bluetooth speaker.

    Magnetic Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers

    Strongest Magnetic Force

    Instantly Sticks to Cart

    Two ridiculously strong magnets grip the cart over any terrain.

    Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers

    Extremely Durable


    G-ROK golf cart speakers have IPX7 water rating, which means they can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. They are also dustproof for rain or shine use, and their heavy-duty construction resists shocks and drops.

    G-ROK Wireless Bluetooth Golf Speaker

    Built to Last


    The 3,600mAH battery on our magnetic golf speaker gives you 24 hours of battery life at up to 60% volume. Recharge full battery in 4 hours or keep playing while charging.

    Lighter than a box of balls

    Easy to Carry Around


    Big sound that easily slides into your golf bag and doesn't weigh you down.

    G-ROK Cart Bluetooth Speaker

    High Quality Speakers


    Dual 8 Watt Drivers deliver a clear, crisp sound and just the right amount of bass for the course.

    Our Team Has Drive...and Sound

    The Ultimate Golf Speaker

    The ultimate golf speaker to bring quality sound to your game. Our G-Rok Speaker has a 30-foot range of wireless quality sound with a heck of magnetic hold. Bluetooth in your favorite lyricist or use our optional SD card & store up to 5000 songs. So you can play the course, not your opponent and listen with your speaker, not with your phone.

    G-ROK Bluetooth Golf Speaker

    Add Quality Sound to the Course


    Undeniable Excellence

    Best Speakers for Golfing


    Rokform's golf cart speakers are customizable. We offer logo printing for all types of events and businesses. You can use the G-ROK for promotional gifts and more.

    No Wiring

    You can connect up to 2 wireless G-ROK golf cart speakers with bluetooth, and stick them onto a metal surface within your golf cart with the golf speaker magnet.

    Shock Proof

    Our speakers for golf carts are shock proof, and can withstand impact from up to 5 ft on hard and soft surfaces. You can enjoy your music on the course without worries.

    SD Storage

    G-Rok speakers for golf carts have SD memory card compatibility. You can put your playlist on an SD card and listen to music without using your phone.

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov


    99% of the time, NO, when it is at an acceptable sound level. When playing with a group you don't know, the unwritten golf course etiquette is to ask if they mind music coming from your cart. Our golf cart Bluetooth speaker also relies on directional audio technology to decrease the amount of sound that may be spread across the golf course.

    Ridiculously strong. The N52 Neodymium magnets on our golf cart speakers are the highest-grade magnet currently available. Each magnet is rated for 38 pounds of pull, and the grippy back keeps the Bluetooth speaker from sliding. Once this Bluetooth golf speaker is stuck to the golf cart vertically so that both magnets are engaged, it is not moving, even over the biggest bumps.

    Press the "M" button on one of the bluetooth golf cart speakers if you want to use the speakers separately.

    Our G-ROK magnetic speaker is not designed for AUX cable connections. You can connect 2 G-ROK speakers to any Bluetooth-compatible device with their built-in wireless Bluetooth connection.

    Yes, you can, but this magnet speaker was designed for golf and not the beach or the swimming pool. If you use our Bluetooth speaker for a golf cart at the beach or pool and it gets dirty or wet, rinse it with fresh water with the seal closed and let the G-ROK speaker completely dry before charging. The micro-USB charging cable included with the G-ROK is not waterproof.

    The phone will ring over the magnetic bluetooth speaker sound system, and you can answer by pushing the "M" button to use the built-in speakerphone or on your phone like a normal call. You can also reject the call on your phone or push the "M" button for two seconds.

    Hold down the power button for 10 seconds.

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    Our magnetic Bluetooth speaker is not compatible with Amazon Alexa. While it can connect to your phone, tablet, computer or any other Bluetooth-compatible device, our golf Bluetooth speaker does not have a microphone so it cannot send or respond to voice commands.

    The Rokform Guarantee

    More Reasons Why Golfers Love our G-Rok Golf Speaker