3 Coolest Things About Being a Stuntman on the Set of Fast 8

3 Coolest Things About Being a Stuntman on the Set of Fast 8

Rokform ambassador Tony Carbajal shares how Rokform cases and mounts came in handy while filming the Fast and the Furious movie Fast 8. He also tells us what its like to be a stuntman and how Universal gained clearance to film in Cuba. 

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In case you don’t follow our Rokform ambassador Tony Carbajal on Instagram, he’s currently helping out as a stunt rider on the next Fast and Furious movie Fast 8. Pretty cool stuff, right? (Even though actor Vin Diesel isn’t afraid to get involved in the action.) While he can’t go into much detail about the movie, he was able to fill us in on some cool things about being a stuntman on a big production like Fast 8. Check out his top three behind the scenes moments.


#1 - F8 was a pretty unique experience in comparison to other films I have had the opportunity to work on for several reasons. Universal was able to get clearance between both the U.S and Cuban governments in order to move part of the production into Cuba for three weeks. It was the first big American blockbuster to film in Cuba so I am pretty happy to be part of the crew on this project. It's always an awesome experience to ride motorcycles on foreign soil but driving cars for the movie was almost a comparable experience. Most of the cars out there are from the 50's so it was fun driving around in old cars.

#2 – Another cool part is just recognizing what an incredible opportunity this truly is. The opportunity to be a part of such a big project, the opportunity to use what I have learned [as a stunt rider] spending countless hours in parking lots and apply it to the film business and the opportunity to learn more and meet/work with some great and talented people. The paychecks aren't so bad either.

#3 - I have worked on other TV shows and commercials where I used my own motorcycles. It's not very common though. So while it’s cool to ride something new, you have to be able to adapt and apply what you have learned to most any bike they put under you. In Cuba I was told that I would be riding a newer sportbike. There were no guarantees since these bikes were hard to come by out there. The director didn't like the fit of the sportbike for the scenes so I found myself on an old 2-stroke dirt bike. I have been given bikes for different jobs that are hammered. You work with what you're given. But you better believe I rung that bike’s neck for some of the scenes.

I can’t wait until the movie comes out so you can see all the hard work that was done and the amazing final result. Check out my Instagram for some posts I put up while out on location. My Rokform case sure came in handy.

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