7 Best Summertime Fun Apps

7 Best Summertime Fun Apps

Need help planning your next picnic or finding the perfect recipes? Rokform shares seven of the best summertime apps. Get tips for music, grilling, keeping your devices protected and more!

Summer is the time for extravagant plans and exciting expectations. Instead of letting the summer pass you by, set some plans now! Need help planning your next picnic or summer soiree? Want to explore the great outdoors? Perhaps you prefer to invite some friends over for a saucy barbecue? Whatever your plans for the summer are, be sure to make it great with these cool summertime apps!

Get the party started with the Pandora Radio app. An excellent addition to any summer party, you no longer have to stress over coming up with the perfect playlist—the app customizes what you want and does it for you! Customize your playlist by adding artists, genres, or songs that you like. So invite your friends over, bust out the sunscreen, and jam out.


Nothing says summer better than firing up the grill! Weber’s On the Grill app has recipes and tips for grilling, marinades, and even desserts. It also includes a handy timer to ensure that your meat, vegetables, and fruit don’t get overcooked. Stay full and happy all summer long.


You might be feeling a little too full after your grilled burgers. The Nike Training Club app provides a plethora of workout routines, complete with detailed videos and photos, which can help you burn off your grilled-to-perfection meals. Get fit after that burger-binge.


The EveryTrail app is perfect for outdoor occasions like hiking, walking, or biking. The app offers both route maps and travel tips for the adventure- thirsty traveler. It provides maps with marked points of interest, photos, audio guides, and travel logs from a variety of travelers all over the world.


Want to make sure the weather will cooperate with you on your next outing? The AccuWeather app will give you detailed weather forecasts in your area, and will even give you extra “lifestyle” forecasts for dog walking, hair frizz, and of course, barbecuing.


The party doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! After you’ve feasted on your meal, feast on the stars. Starmap is an interactive stargazing map as it points out what constellations are over you at any given time.


When was the last time you spent some quality time with your nose in a good book? The iBooks app allows you access to thousands of great reads to fill up your summer reading list. Not only is the reading experience excellent, but you can also adjust the brightness or text to help you read by the pool.


While you’re enjoying your summer with these cool apps, make sure your gadgets are protected. Durable iPhone cases from Rokform can keep your gadgets in tip-top shape for all your summer mishaps, successes, and adventures.

What are some of your favorite fun, summertime apps? Leave us a note below!

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