Best Apps for Managing Construction Projects

Best Apps for Managing Construction Projects

Construction projects can be one of the most complex, organizationally intense forms of work there is. Even with small projects, construction of all types involves innumerable parts, supplies, schedules, subcontractors, payments, communications, and more. Trying to keep all of these fine details straight requires serious organization skills, even when using apps to help. Keeping construction projects running smoothly and on-time hinges on knowing at all times who is waiting on what so the next phase can begin. With multiple stakeholders, vendors, and workers involved in the process, maintaining accurate situational awareness distinguishes mediocrity from greatness for both projects and the contracting companies that run them.

Fortunately, there are some robust apps available today that can help construction project managers run their projects, both on-site and remotely, in collaboration with on-site teams. From supply lists that everyone can update and view in real-time to invoicing subcontractors to maintaining compliance records, these apps can make daily life far less stressful for project managers, no matter the construction project’s scale. Here are some of the best apps for managing construction projects available today on the app store.

Best Apps for Large Construction Project Management

Fieldwire Construction Manager 4.8 – 3.4K Ratings

A construction management app that boasts over 750,000+ construction projects under management, Fieldwire connects entire teams from office managers to project managers to specialty contractors in a single platform, allowing everyone to work with the same intel at all times. Team members in the field can view drawings, schedule work, and track their punch list using their iPhones. Easy to deploy, learn, and use, the Fieldwire app combines a lightning-fast blueprint viewer with a powerful task management engine, saving team members time and frustration from job site to office.

Key Features:

    • Drawing & blueprint app:
  • Fast HD plan viewer (works offline)
  • Markups & annotations (Clouds, text, arrow, measurements)
  • Progress photos & RFI hyperlinking
  • As-built drawing archives
      • Lean construction scheduling app:
    • Task manager with location, trade, priority, and owner
    • Scheduling with due dates or priorities
    • Instant notifications
    • Track costs and human resources
      • Building inspection and punch list app:
        • Construction inspection and checklist templates
        • Progress photos with annotations and markups
        • 360-degree photos and videos
        • Two-step verification for punch list items
        • Detailed building inspection/punch list reports
      • Construction forms app:
        • Standard forms available (Daily Report, RFI, Timesheets, etc.)
        • Fully customizable templates
        • Automated weather data
        • Offline mode
        • Selective sync
        • Automated reports
        • Excellent customer support

      Pricing: $499.99 for a 1-year Fieldwire subscription.

      Procore 4.6 Stars – 10.5K Ratings

      Procore is one of the leading construction management platforms, connecting over 1.3 million construction pros in over 125 countries. Procore connects everyone, including owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors, breaking down barriers to job site information sharing that has held the industry back until recently.

      More than 8,500 companies use Procore, and the app claims companies utilizing the platform average 30% more work capacity, 12 hours saved each week, and 84% greater project visibility. Those are some compelling stats, with an even more significant impact for larger companies.

      Offices and team members in the field can access Procore’s tools on both iPhones and iPads, adding versatility for quickly communicating or viewing detailed plans. Documents, project details, schedules, and more automatically sync in real-time to all team members connected to the internet.

      Key Features:

      • Drawings - View drawings and revisions, even while offline.
      • Daily Log - Detail tracking of labor, communication, equipment, materials, and events.
      • Punch List - Create and assign punch list items while in the field.
      • RFIs - Access and organize RFIs and quickly turn them into actions.
      • Photos - Add progress photos and link them to project drawings by location.
      • Specifications - Access specs and plans anywhere for quick decisions to stay on-time.
      • Submittals - Markup and stamp submittals directly in the platform.
      • Timecards - Team members can enter project time directly from their iPhones.
      • BIM - View and navigate 3D models while on-site.
      • Observations - Track, assign, and report observations and suggested actions on the fly.
      • Time and Materials Tickets - Document out-of-scope work to get paid on everything.
      • Schedule - Link with your scheduling software to create, edit, and share schedules.

      Pricing: Subscriptions start at $677/mo when billed annually.

      PlanGrid Construction Software 4.7 Stars – 11.7K Ratings

      PlanGrid is another major player in the construction app space, with an astounding 11.7 thousand ratings. This app allows teams to build and collaborate anywhere with real-time access to plans, punch lists, documents, and daily reports. It has an excellent filtered search interface for quickly finding answers and instant collaboration.

      Teams can share construction plans, markups, photos, and reports from both iPhones and desktops. Claiming over 150 million sheets uploaded, this app is a proven winner for tracking revisions, viewing progress, and managing punch lists on-site, regardless of internet connection.

      Key Features:

      • Provide a comprehensive project view with 360° photos.
      • Capture, markup, and share progress photos by pinning them to the plan.
      • Compare drawings and quickly identify changes or conflicts.
      • Stay up-to-date with instant, personalized notifications on project changes.
      • Track planned work and manage QA/QC items and punch lists with team members.
      • Access key documents from anywhere – RFIs, submittals, specs, and schedules.
      • Easily Manage drawing sets with automatic versioning and drawing set tags.
      • Quickly navigate drawings with automatic hyperlinking of detail callouts.
      • Advanced search and filtering for quick access to project info.
      • Markups and notes are instantly synced across all platforms with the team.
      • Data is protected with AES-256 bit end-to-end encryption.

      Pricing: First 21 days free, then plans start at 550 sheets for $39/month when billed annually.

      Best App for Small to Medium-Sized Contractors

      Jobber 4.3 Stars – 267 Ratings

      For managing more of the sales, operations, and customer service side of construction projects, Jobber is one of the best apps on the market today. This app is geared primarily toward small to medium-sized contractors with team sizes up to 50 who serve both homeowners and commercial properties. Examples of contractors Jobber serves include lawn care, landscaping, arborists, cleaning services, HVAC, plumbing, pool services, and general contractors.

      This app’s primary use case is quoting and selling jobs and then converting them to short-term or recurring projects. Team members, managers, and owners can update and track one-off or recurring projects from anywhere.

      Key Features:

      • Keep teams on time with fast, flexible scheduling.
      • See team progress and location.
      • Optimize routes and get directions to job sites.
      • Collect job site information for accurate quotes.
      • Track team member time by job or use the time clock to track the whole day.
      • Add notes and share photos from the field for better team communication.
      • Expense and receipt tracking.
      • Track of customer records and history.
      • Text customers when team members are on their way.
      • Field workers can capture customer approval signatures from their phones.
      • Share custom forms and checklists with customers for progress updates.
      • Customers can pay invoices and request new work online.
      • New customers can request work from the company website or Facebook page.
      • Customers can approve quotes online.
      • Fast invoice payments with online and in-app payment processing.
      • 20+ smart reports for instant business performance insights.

      Pricing: Free app, paid service subscriptions start at $29/mo when paid annually.

      Best App for Homeowners and Subcontractors

      Home Builder Pro Calcs 4.7 Stars – 604 Ratings

      If your project is calculation-intensive, you need this app! With 440 home improvement calculations and unit conversions, Home Builder Pro Calcs provides fast access to a variety of job site materials calculations along with hours and cost estimates. Calculations can also be saved or emailed for collaboration between contractors and homeowners.

      With a simple user interface that results in either decimals or fractions and rich support for U.S., imperial, and metric measurements, this is a useful tool for anyone who regularly needs to make complicated construction project calculations.

      Calculators Included:

      • Business - 28 calculators for loans, pricing, travel costs, and more.
      • Concrete & Paving - 11 calculators for asphalt, concrete, paver bricks, and more.
      • Electrical - 5 different calculators.
      • Floors, Walls & Ceilings - 13 calculators for carpet, drywall, wall coverings, tile, paint, etc.
      • Foundations - 33 calculators for foundations, soil, grading, rebar, etc.
      • Framing - 19 calculators for balusters, joists, studs, siding, stairs, and more.
      • Heating and A/C - 8 calculators for airflow, attics, fans, air conditions, and insulation.
      • Hours Estimates with effort factor.
      • Carpentry - finish, siding, stairs, walls, etc.
      • Concrete - blocks, bricks, concrete, reinforcement, tile, and more.
      • Doors and Windows - garage doors, glass, metal, windows, and wood.
      • Finishes - carpet, paint, wood floors, stucco, plaster, and tile.
      • Roofing - roofing, sheathing, sheet metal, etc.
      • Site Work - demolition, excavation, stumps, trees, forms, culverts, and landscaping.
      • Landscape/Yard - 15 calculators for fence, fertilizer, mulch, seeds, trees, mowing, etc.
      • Masonry - 8 calculators for walls, joints, core filling, and more.
      • Roof Framing and Roofing - 22 calculators for rafters, ridges, gables, pitch, trusses, etc.
      • Wood & Materials - 20 calculators for lumber, nails, plywood, caulking, etc.
      • Area, Volume, and Angle - 25 calculators for a variety of shapes.
      • Conversions - 26 different unit conversions.
      • Construction Glossary - Over 370 terms.
      • Eleven calculators for tanks, pulleys, weather, wrenches, etc.

      Add-on packs available for purchase: 

      • Project Dates & Times - Over 35 calculators help you understand and manage project timing and deadlines.
      • Sensor Angle - A set of 10 calculators that use an iPhone or iPad’s angle-sensing ability to quickly and accurately measure angles and calculate lengths.
      • Map Estimator - Estimate the distance and area using a map. Great for estimating the size of a yard, length of a fence, etc.

      Pricing: $4.99 for the base app.

      While all of these apps are incredibly helpful and essential in today’s modern construction environments, job sites can be unfriendly places for phones. From dirt and dust to drops onto hard surfaces, your iPhone is exposed to potential damage almost non-stop when working on construction projects. Rokform’s Rugged Phone Case lineup keeps your phone safe and operating like new from the office to the job site. No matter where you go, you can count on MIL-STD 801G-516.6 drop protection and dust covers for charger openings. Check them out HERE!

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