Best iPad Art & Apps

Best iPad Art & Apps

We’ve done some legwork and rounded up some great iPad art to inspire you, as well as some apps that will help you realize your own artistic potential. Learn how a protective case for your device can help you securely mount your phone or tablet.


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We’ve come a long way since Microsoft Paint. Many iPad users have discovered that they can use iPads to create beautiful art they never knew they were capable of. There are hundreds of art apps available to Apple users that will help get you started. We’ve done some legwork and rounded up some great iPad art to inspire you, as well as some apps that will help you realize your own artistic potential.

Coolest iPad Art

This image creates movement by using blurred brushstrokes. Download ArtRage to design similar photos.

This image was the first artwork Jorge Columbo ever created on his iPad. It later became the cover of January 28 issue of The New Yorker magazine.

“A Rose in Winter” looks like it was painted with watercolors, but it was created on an iPad. Finding an app that suits your style is important – take advantage of free apps to determine your favorite art techniques.

On an iPad, artists can get an incredible amount of detail, making it possible to create amazing drawings of people’s faces. You might recognize this man, Terry O’Quinn, from watching “Lost” or “Hawaii Five-o”.

Animals can be a great source of inspiration when you’re starting your iPad art. “The Tourist” was created using Snapseed and Procreate apps.

This piece by Charles Wyatt was created using ArtRage. Within the app, he used tools such as the felt tip pen, pastels, watercolors, and the pallet knife.

“Pineapple” was made using TouchDraw, 123DSculpt, TypeDrawing, and ArtRage on an iPad. Get creative and use words as part of your image.

Best iPad Art Apps

iPastels lets you to create pastel artwork on your iPad. Beginners can learn techniques and how pastels work without buying expensive paper and supplies, and expert artists can test out new drawings before breaking out the pastels or improve their skills. It also offers information on each tool as you use it. iPastels is free to download on your iPad.  

MyBrushes allows users to try out several different types of art, including different brushes, watercolor and oil painting, Chinese painting, drawing techniques, and even Chinese calligraphy. It records your process, so you can review how you created your artwork once you’re done. The app costs $0.99 to download onto your iPad.

ArtRage lets you experiment with different art styles, like watercolors and oil paints, without the mess or expensive supplies. It paints realistically, meaning your artwork depends on the type of materials you choose, as well as brushstrokes and layers – the paint even dries in real time. ArtRage is available to download on your iPad for $5.49.

Every good artist needs a sturdy and stable work surface. iPad artists are no different. Make sure your iPad is safe in a protective case. No matter what inspires you, you’ll be able to securely mount your iPad to any surface and start creating beautiful artwork with the help of Rokform’s v3 Suction Mount.

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