Best iPhone Cases For Motorcycling

by Rokform LLC August 14, 2022

Best iPhone Cases For Motorcycling

What traits do the best iPhone cases for motorcycling have? While there is no such thing as the perfect phone case for all motorcyclists, paying attention to the details will help you find the one that’s perfect for you. Taking your riding habits and preferences into account is a good place to start. Will you be keeping the phone in your pants pocket? Then you may want a protective yet slim profile iPhone case. On the other hand, if you want to keep the phone mounted to the motorcycle, a more aggressive level of protection is the better option.

Even after these elements are addressed, it can be awful tough narrowing down the field to one case. To whittle down your choices, it’s helpful to seek out some special features that address motorcycling-specific concerns. There are a handful of iPhone case features every motorcyclist should add to their list of must-haves that you should be aware of.

To make the choice more clear for our fellow motorcyclists, we’ve assembled a list of the features that the best iPhone cases for motorcycling possess. Let’s roll through each of them next.

Secure Mounting That’s Integrated Into The Phone Case

The most certain way you can protect your phone when riding is mounting it securely to the motorcycle itself. Cases that utilize a physical locking system with a motorcycle mount guarantee a solid connection that won’t come loose at the worst of moments.

There’s nothing worse than having to park on the side of the road to go searching through the weeds for your phone. The problem with spring-loaded mounts or magnetic mounts for motorcycles is that the road isn’t a perfectly smooth surface. All it takes is nailing a big pothole or bridge expansion gap to jar a phone free from these types of mounts.

Cases with a twist-lock mounting method such as the Roklock feature of Rokform iPhone cases will hold your phone in place no matter what. When you place the hole in the back of the phone case over the Rokform motorcycle mount, twisting it slightly locks it into place to prevent absolutely zero jiggling around.

Few things are more frustrating than motorcycle mounts that allow some movement of the phone, which can constantly change your perspective of important navigation directions. So make sure the iPhone case you buy creates a movement-free connection with the motorcycle mount you’re using.

Heavy-Duty Protection For Harsh Environments 

Riding motorcycles can be a dirty undertaking, regardless of riding on-road or off. Freeway riding can inject dust, dirt, and sand into the tiny parts of an iPhone if the case it’s mounted in doesn’t provide adequate protection. So how do you know if the case you’re looking at can handle whatever you throw at it, even if that’s an encounter with a dust storm in the desert?

The easiest way to tell if the phone case can handle the harshness of motorcycling is being rated as a MIL-STD 801G-516.6 dust protection level. Riding enduro bikes down gravel roads with your buddies is a perfect example of the need for wrapping your iPhone in a high-protection case. The dust from road surfaces like granite gravel penetrates even the tiniest of crevices, potentially scratching up your phone’s beautiful surfaces and jamming its mechanisms.

Motorcycling with your iPhone adds risk of heavy wear and tear if not total destruction, so being certain you’ve done everything possible to protect it no matter where you ride is essential. If you might ever ride in the rain, that’s another major factor in the decision process. Phone cases made from softer materials like leather or cloth can’t hold up to wet environments like motorcycling in a sudden downpour. Eventually these materials get worn out to the point they start falling apart because they’re not designed for adventurous endeavors.

Prevents Hard Drops And Shocks From Damaging The Phone

Although the motorcycle mount you’re using might keep your phone in place if the bike unfortunately hits the pavement, there’s a chance the phone could land on something solid like a concrete parking block, park bench, or parking meter. And there’s always the risk of accidentally letting the phone slip through your gloves when you’re trying to snap a photo at a vista.

This is why it’s so important for motorcyclists to buy a phone case that has sufficient drop and shock protection. iPhone cases that feature a MIL-STD 801G-516.6 drop protection rating are the leaders when it comes to protecting your phone from impacts of all varieties. Rokform’s Rugged Cases are one example that feature this top-rated drop protection for an iPhone.

Ability To Tether Your Phone To The Motorcycle

Busting it down some dirt singletrack on a dual sport bike is one of the funnest things possible on two wheels. But this is also a prime scenario for your iPhone getting knocked off and cast into the abyss. Also, wearing thick motorcycle gloves presents challenges for holding your phone, potentially causing drops that damage the screen.

Reducing the risk of damage is far easier when there’s a way to secure your iPhone to a stationary object or even your wrist. This is made possible when an iPhone case has a place to connect a lanyard. A small yet essential feature, slotting for tying a lanyard to your phone case can make all the difference when the going gets rough on the motorcycle.

The Best iPhone Case Depends On How You Ride

Motorcyclists are known for their individualistic nature, and that shows in the variety of motorcycles and riding styles out there. Some motorcycles just don’t make sense to mount a phone on the handlebars, while others seem to beg for more devices to be perched in view of the rider. The best iPhone case for your motorcycle rides will match your style while also delivering exceptional protection no matter the riding conditions.

Browse our Rugged iPhone cases, Motorcycle Phone Mounts, and optional Vibration Dampener to find the most versatile and durable solution for carrying your phone along on your rides.

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