Best Winter Riding Gear For Sport Touring

Best Winter Riding Gear For Sport Touring

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Sport touring enthusiasts are known for their mettle when it comes to motorcycling in the winter, and the season is quickly approaching. If you’re also a member of the year-round-riders club, the time has come to start gearing up while the more timid riders are starting to winterize their bikes. To help ensure you’re not left out in the cold on your next ride, we’ve rounded up a collection of the best winter riding gear for sport touring. Let’s get rolling!

Winter Motorcycling Comfort Starts At The Extremities

Alpinestars Touring Winter Balaclava

Alpinestars’ Touring Winter Balaclava has moisture-wicking breathable material that covers your head and face, along with a wind and waterproof skirt to prevent any air gaps between your jacket collar. Managing wind penetration makes jackets far more effective, and keeping your head and neck warm prevents heat loss where it matters most.

Klim Neck Gaiter

At half the price of the Alpinestars Winter Balaclava, this neck gaiter from Klim provides windchill protection for your neck without the added warmth of a head covering. The one downside to balaclavas is they can get too hot for some under helmets, so neck warmers like this one strike a nice comfort balance.

Firstgear Warm And Safe Heated Glove Liners

If you have a favorite pair of waterproof gloves, slide them over some heated glove liners from Firstgear and get the ultimate combo for warm hands. Waterproof gloves typically do a great job of blocking wind as well, helping to keep the cold out and the warmth from the liners in. This can be a less bulky option than full-fledged heated winter gloves that some find don’t provide enough handlebar and switchgear feel.

The glove liners from Firstgear feature 11 watts of output for each glove and lightweight poly fabric. These liners require a controller and wiring to the bike, which are a minor inconvenience for the comfort of endless warmth.

Hand Guards And Handlebar Mitts

For around $50 or less, one of the most affordable ways to keep your hands warm on a motorcycle in the winter is handlebar mitts. While they may look a little strange, there’s no better way to get the full feel of your handlebar without freezing your fingers.

If handlebar mitts aren’t your style, another option for wind relief is adding some handguards to protect your hands from brutal winter windchill. Compared with the cost of adding a full fairing, handguards can keep your hands warm without breaking the bank.

TCX Baja Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

When winter arrives, owning a pair of reliable, waterproof, and durable boots is critical for staying comfortable on the bike. The Baja Waterproof Boots from TCX are styled for adventure riding, with some features that can also be found on off-road boots, such as shin guards and buckle strap closure for a secure fit. Full-grain leather construction and a waterproof lining will keep your feet toasty and dry all day long. Get some wool socks or heated socks in really cold climates, and you'll be set.

Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Pants

The Andes V2 Drystar pants are one of the best options for serious winter riders. Featuring a waterproof yet breathable exterior, stretch panels for knees and lower back, and a removable thermal liner, these pants offer everything you could ask for. Even better, you’ll be protected from impacts by the CE-certified knee protectors and compartments for upgrading to CE-certified hip pads as well.

All-Day Comfort For Your Legs And Torso

Herobiker Base Thermal Layers

Even the best winter motorcycle jackets and pants can struggle to keep you adequately warm without a set of thermal base layers underneath. The Base Thermal Shirt and Pants from Herobiker wick away moisture from your body, a key factor for staying warm no matter what in the winter. That said, if you really want to see how low you can go when it comes to winter riding temps, you may still want to consider heated liners.

Gerbing Heated Liners

The lineup of Gerbing Heated Liners will deliver the maximum cozy factor for your chest, back, sleeves, and collar. With kits that wire to your bike’s power or battery power, you can dial in the perfect heated lining system for your riding style and preferences. Each piece easily fits under any riding jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. Gerbing is an established brand for heated gear that even makes insoles and socks that connect to your liners for warmth from head to toe.

Tourmaster Transition Series 5 Jacket

The Tourmaster Transition Series 5 jacket is a reasonably-priced option for winter riders compared with higher-end Klim gear but still serves up a slew of solid features sure to please the pickiest of winter riders. The shell is made from robust Carbolex polyester material, and there’s plenty of pipeline venting at closure areas to prevent water from intruding even at highway speeds. Rounding out the package is a dependable Rainguard waterproofing barrier.

Making the jacket even more versatile, there’s an under-the-helmet hood that stows away neatly in the collar that blocks out rain from dripping down the back of your neck. Beyond the nearly impenetrable shell this jacket offers, you also get a removable thermal liner to add yet another level of winter protection. There’s even CE-approved Armadillo armor for your shoulders and elbows, along with fine-tuning fitment straps and venting to prevent moisture build-up underneath.

Get Instant Winter Weather Updates On The Bike

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