Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Lex and Terry

Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Lex and Terry

Here at Rokform, we have had the privilege of working with some pretty amazing brand ambassadors. Strong advocates of the Rokform brand, we love having Radio superstars, Lex and Terry as our brand ambassadors. 


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Here at Rokform, we have had the privilege of working with some pretty amazing brand ambassadors. Strong advocates of the Rokform brand, we love having Radio superstars, Lex and Terry as our brand ambassadors. We caught up with the Lex and Terry crew to give our fans a behind the scenes look at the team behind our favorite radio show.

How did the Lex & Terry Show initially partner up with Rokform?

Lex saw a small ad for it (Rokform) in MacLife magazine and loved the look and concept so much that he called (Rokform CEO) Jeff Whitten and struck a deal to sell them on the Lex & Terry show. What emerged has been a great partnership and it has been fun to watch “Two Brothers racing” turn ROKFORM into the best case and accessory provider for devices in the business. it is also fun to watch our listeners without provocation tweet their love for the product.


How long have Lex & Terry known each other and how did you guys meet?

23 years. We both were working on the West Coast and met through a mutual friend. At that point Neither Terry or myself were in the radio business. But months later I was offered the Program Director Job in Jacksonville and went back to an empty morning show. Months later I hired Terry who had that job previously in his career and made him Rock 105 Jacksonville FL’s new morning show. As the PD I didn’t want to leave him hanging so I told him I would join him until I found him a surrounding cast. Obviously it didn’t work out that way and 1 year later we were the number one show in town and ultimately syndicated nationwide.


What Rokform product do you guys take advantage of most often around the studio?

We have ROKFORM accessories all around the studio. Lex’s iPhone and iPad are at his side using the suction mounts for both. With Terry being in Seattle he uses the iPad and mount to see Terry during the show everyday.


What did you guys do before radio?

Terry was an actor and did stand up comedy. Lex has been in radio his whole adult working life. But did work in a surfboard production house as a glasses and sander of custom surfboards for awhile while starting his radio career.


What’s everyone’s craziest experience on the show so far?

Definitely the day we had a fire breathing stripper, A 600 bengal tiger, and Bill Murray all on the show at the same time. It is pretty cool when you can freak out Bill Murray.


What are your guys’ pick to win the NCAA championship?

Lex /Kentucky without a doubt.

Sarah /Hmmm well I only really watch Clemson (because of my dad) and Cuse (because of my ex BF). Soooo.. This year Kentucky seems like the logical choice!

Ian/Taking a flyer and going with Duke.


Question for Lex: What’s the most difficult yoga pose you’ve been able to pull off?

Balancing stick and Standing Tree I can nail most days.


Question for Terry: What are the best/worst things about living in Seattle?

I have been living in Seattle now for almost 3 1/2 years. Since I’m doing my part from a little studio in my home, my Rokform stands come in quite handy since my space is so limited. There are many things to love and only a couple to hate about Seattle. Let’s start negative so I can end on a high note. The winters here are damp and gray. Plus being away from the gang kind of sucks. Sure we’re on camera and it’s just like I’m there as we talk through the commercial breaks, but it took some time to get used to. I’m not going to lie. I just feel better on the west coast for some reason. Seattle is a beautiful city. Good sports teams, concerts, restaurants, mountains, lakes, rivers and ocean. It’s all about the energy!


Question for Sarah: We see you’re quite the animal lover! Can you tell us a little bit about the pets you’ve had?

Oh where to start.. I had my first pets around the age of 5 which consisted of a Louisiana milk snake, an anole and a black lab. Since then I’ve had many more.. Tons of reptiles from a yellow anaconda, a nile monitor and an american alligator just to name a few.. The most exotic animal I’ve ever had was a coatimundi named Bindi who I raised from 5wks old, she is 9 now! And now I live happily in an apartment with my 2 cockatoos who are more like little people. I have always and will always love animals and will do anything I can to help them.


Question for Dee: What’s your best advice for single Rokform Customers who are looking for love?

Listen to us. We give away lots of ROKFORM love on our Facebook and Twitter and now every week on Sports Picks. But as far as looking for love goes it is hard to say because the way people meet and fall in love changes by the day. You might want to get us to hook you up on air or take that beautifully preserved device of yours and hit someone up on Tinder and see where it goes.


Question for Ian: What’s your best St. Patrick’s day story?

I was living in Brooklyn, and attend the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade every year. One year, my girlfriend’s aunt and uncle, who are Irish Catholics living in New Jersey, were a part of the parade. To say the parade is huge is an understatement (it lasts 5 hours), so I had assumed that I would not see them along the route. a few hours in (and after a couple of ‘Irish Coffees’), I spotted them and they spotted me! They motioned for me to come join, so I didn’t think much of hopping the barrier and marching along. The New York City police department, however, had other ideas. Two sergeants halted the parade while an officer came running and screaming at me to get back behind the barricade. I tried to explain to him what I was doing, but he was having none of it. One of the sergeants approached and yelled ‘I don’t care what you think you were doing, but either get the f*** behind the barricade or you’re going to jail!” It wasn’t until the cuffs came out that it dawned on me that I should probably comply. Quickly. Needless to say, I made it back behind the barricade, the parade fired back up, and I faded into the crowd.


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A big thank you to the Lex and Terry Team and their fans for your continued support!

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**Photos courtesy of Lex and Terry

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