Celebrating 10 Years at ROKFORM

Celebrating 10 Years at ROKFORM

We turned ten! To reflect on our decade of existence, we could think of no one better to speak with than ROKFORM CEO Jeff Whitten.

We turned ten! It was early 2011 when ROKFORM celebrated our first sale as a company at the 2011 MacWorld Show. Ten years later, we are still making products our customers can’t stop talking about. To reflect on our decade of existence, we could think of no one better to speak with than ROKFORM CEO Jeff Whitten. 



ROKFORM beginnings

But first, let’s take a look at our beginnings. Did you know in the original idea for our now signature RokLock Twist Lock system, we wanted to make the phone case automatically lock to any mount using the power of magnets? Unfortunately, we couldn't find a magnet that size powerful enough to twist and lock an iPhone. 

Then we thought, "What if we used magnets so we could attach our phones to anything magnetic, no mount required?"We used double-sided tape to attach larger magnets to the back of an iPhone 4, and then stuck the prototype onto a metal file cabinet. Voila – the very first version of our magnetic phone case that would later be refined into our current designs, the Rugged, Crystal, and Fuzion Pro.

Of course, over the years we’ve gone on to create smartphone cases that are military tough, but thin and light for everyday use (and abuse!). Our mounts for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles are sleek, discreet, and made from high quality materials that are built to last. We’ve built phone accessories for power, sound, and more to add more convenience to life’s daily adventures. And we’ve accomplished all this thanks in large part to our team, who gets up early in the morning and stays up late at night because of our passion for great design, lasting quality and superior customer service.



Celebrating 10 years in style

We owe a large part of our success to the thousands of happy customers that keep coming back again and again, year after year. Not only are our customers sticking with ROKFORM (pun intended) as they upgrade their phones, your rave reviews to friends and family have helped ROKFORM grow into the company we are today. As a thank you and in celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we held an anniversary sale* at the end of last month. As for a team celebration, our plan is to have a proper celebration once we can all get together again safely. 

*If you missed it, don’t worry. You can still get in on specials by subscribing to our newsletter.



Celebrating 10 years at Rokform with CEO Jeff Whitten

What has been your proudest ROKFORM achievement up to this point?

I am always proud to see one of our products out in the “wild” and sometimes ask them what they think of the case without revealing who I am. It’s a proud moment when they rave about the different ways they use it. I am also proud when friends and family tell me about those same types of experiences.

What's your favorite ROKFORM product of all time and why?

I have 3.

The ROKFORM Crystal case – because our ROKLOCK Twist Lock cases are the backbone of our company and they’re super handy.

The G-ROK Speaker – because I use it every time I am on the [golf] course. It was a big project that was not part of our normal product line, but has exceeded all of our expectations. Rokform President Steve Petyo seconded the G-ROK, "I use it frequently and it is always fun to see people’s reaction to the strength of the magnets."

The SPORT RING – vitally handy and it’s useful beyond even my expectations.

 Favorite Rokform products

What's next for ROKFORM? 

Jeff: We still get up early every day to create and deliver products that we think our customers will love. I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

Steve: Keep making products people love and can’t stop talking about.  There are a couple of really interesting ones in the pipeline.

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