Essential Smartphone Accessories for the Adventurer

Essential Smartphone Accessories for the Adventurer

These are the essential smartphone accessories you should be adding to your cart right now.

We’ve all been there. You eagerly took off for an adventure only to realize that everything would be that much better if only you had a [insert smartphone accessory here] with you. Or maybe you are content with the way you adventure now, not realizing that one smartphone accessory could change your life. 

Here’s an example that many of our customers have experienced firsthand – they ride their bicycles around town and, not wanting their phone to fall out of their pocket, either leave it behind or always wear a backpack. They don’t even consider how handy it would be to have their smartphone mounted on their handlebars. So, imagine the amazement when they finally mount their smartphone onto their bike. Instantly, the hassle of stopping after every turn to pull out their phone and double check directions is no longer a thing. With the map app on their phone open and mounted, they can navigate safely to their destination.

This article isn’t about our beloved bike mounts, though. The truth is, there are even more essential smartphone accessories that can amplify your adventures. Whether your ideal excursion is more extreme, like heading out to the desert to go bouldering, or something more lowkey, like heading to the park down the street, these are the essential smartphone accessories you should be adding to your cart right now and how they can help you elevate your adventure.


To jam out wherever you are - G Rok Wireless Speaker

Smartphone Accessory - G-Rok Speaker

Don't confuse the G-ROK's compact and portable size for weakness – not only is the G-ROK powerful but it’s also built tough. The tough exterior designed to take a few drops and with an IPX7 waterproof and dustproof rating, it can hold its own in the elements. The G-ROK is known for its long bluetooth range (up to 30 feet), its long battery life (24 hours of playtime!), and its powerful sound. It also has Rokform-signature RokLock built into it for fun and magnetic mounting. 


To keep your phone secure and within arm’s reach - Sport Utility Belt Clip

Smartphone Accessory - Belt Clip

There are a lot of things to love about the Sport Utility Belt Clip. In fact, you’d need more than the two hands the belt clip frees up just to count all the amazing features. Not only does its main function as a belt clip work in both portrait or landscape, it has many more features that any adventurer will appreciate at one point or another. If you’re prone to forgetting a bottle opener, that issue is resolved with the Belt Clip. If you want to stand your phone up, you can use the built-in stand. No matter what type of adventure your go on, the Belt Clip is sure to make it more exciting.


To safeguard your screen from the elements - Tempered Glass Screen

Smartphone Accessory - Tempered glass screen protector

A Tempered Glass screen protector adds the additional layer of screen protection you may need in the one place where your case can only do so much. Made from 4H hardened glass, our tempered glass screen protectors provide ultimate screen protection with seamless responsiveness. With a 9H hardness rating, these screen protectors are strong enough to withstand the toughest scratches, including those irky scratches from dust and sand. 


To protect your phone - Rokform Rugged Case

 Smartphone Accessory - Rugged Smartphone Case

We can’t post about essential smartphone accessories without including a smartphone case, although at Rokform, a case is not considered an accessory. It’s a critical extension of your phone that should look good, function well and, above all, protect your phone from any slides or drops. For us avid adventurers, these smartphone falls are almost inevitable. The easiest way to protect your smartphone investment and make sure your phone will last is with a well-made smartphone case, and there is no better smartphone case than the Rugged. Made with dual compound materials that protect the case’s outer shell while also providing an impact resistant core, the Rugged case is guaranteed to withstand drops from up to six feet, although it is undoubtedly known for outperforming.

By adding any of these to your adventure kit, you’re sure to take your experience up a notch. Have you used any of our essential adventure accessories yourself? Let us know how you use your favorite smartphone accessory in the comments below!

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