Galaxy S22 Ultra Tips For Former iPhone Users

Galaxy S22 Ultra Tips For Former iPhone Users

For those iPhone users out there who’ve been eyeing the new Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, or Galaxy S22 Ultra, you may be wondering if all of their feature advantages are worth the switch.

Now that all of the rumors have been confirmed and official pre-sales have begun, the new updates to Samsung’s flagship series of phones are certainly enticing for even the most ardent iPhone users.

Improvements include improved S Pen support for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Android 12 with One UI 4.1, multitasking capabilities, bigger and brighter displays, along with considerable camera zoom rates.

With the devices officially hitting shelves on February 25th, we’ve put together this quick list of tips for former iPhone users switching to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Updated Interface With Android 12 And One UI

Samsung’s version of Android 12 includes a variety of user-friendly changes to the look and feel of the UI. The changes are significant enough that there’s definitely going to be an adjustment period if you’re coming from an older version of Android/One UI. And, this transition will be even harder for those coming from Apple’s iOS.

However, once you’re accustomed to the differences, the newest interface is much cleaner and more efficient. Just be patient when first making the change from iOS and you’ll eventually enjoy a more optimized user experience.

Enhanced Input With The Built-In S Pen

For the first time in S series history, the S22 Ultra comes with a built-in S Pen, just like the Galaxy Note series came with. With the increasing similarities between the S and Note series, Samsung chose to finally merge the two.

The S Pen delivers a smooth writing and sketching experience, providing an astonishingly quick latency rate of only 2.8 milliseconds. This means the feedback is nearly indistinguishable from writing on real paper.

There are also tons of tiny features that help increase your productivity, perfect for serious optimizers. Smart features like quick notes on the lock screen, special action menus, and Bluetooth controls for the camera shutter are just a few of the possibilities with the new S Pen on the S22 Ultra.

Take Advantage Of Multitasking Tools

One of the best ways to get the most out of the large display on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is using the multitasking features. A plethora of software tools come preinstalled on the device, like split-screen support, app windows, Edge menus, and App Pairs. Getting work done on your phone has never been easier.

We have to say, when it comes to productivity, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is simply no match for the S22 Ultra. The iPhone comes with virtually no multitasking tools in iOS, so you constantly need to switch back and forth between full-screen apps to get multiple things done at once.

Charge Faster With A 45W Charger

The S21 Ultra was formerly capped at 25W fast charging, similar to the iPhone’s 27 watt cap. But now, the S22 Ultra supports up to 45W of power for charging. Samsung claims this means you can charge your phone from empty to 50% in around 30 minutes.

Take Advantage Of More Detailed Photos

With the new S22 Ultra comes a greatly enhanced photography experience over its predecessor. The pixel size is 123% bigger than the S21 Ultra had, delivering more detail and more color accuracy.

The camera lens also comes with an anti-reflective nano-coating to help more light reach the camera sensor with fewer reflections, adding more image data for improved clarity and detail.

When you take a shot, the camera takes two images simultaneously—one image captures detail with the 108MP sensor, and the other captures brightness details using the 12MP sensor. Then, it merges them together. The final result is an overall brighter photo that includes fine details, which shines especially on zoom shots.

Achieve Richer Photos With The Expert RAW Camera App

The S22 Ultra ships with a new camera app called Expert RAW that’s designed to please even the pickiest of professional photographers. The app affords full control of each of the camera's lenses, allowing users to snap photos in 16-bit raw format and then manually tweak the ISO, white balance, AF, and exposure settings.

Photos taken with the app don’t lose their image data, making them extremely customizable in post-edit. If you often use Adobe Lightroom for photo editing, this is a huge plus.

Zoom In Much Closer

Even the last few generations of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones have come with a feature iPhones have failed to keep up with–Space Zoom.

By combining a periscope-style telephoto camera and special software, Samsung’s Galaxy devices can zoom in much closer than any of the iPhones can.

Now, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Space Zoom provides an astounding 100x zoom. On the iPhone 13 Pro, comparatively, you only get 15x zoom from the 3x telephoto camera and Apple’s iOS 15 software.

Get More Done With A Brighter Display, More Storage, And Lower Refresh Rates

In line with iPhone 13 Pro models, the S22 Ultra is available with up to 1TB of storage built-in. The device's super bright 6.8-inch display also features a variable refresh rate that ranges between only 1Hz and 120Hz, whereas the iPhone 13 Pro can only reduce the refresh rates to a low of 10Hz.

Watch Out For The Shorter Update Lifespan From Samsung

Samsung now promises four years of Android updates for select Galaxy devices, increasing support from a mere three years. Eligible devices include all Galaxy S21 and S22 models, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3, all Galaxy Tab S8 models, Galaxy Watch4 models, and future devices in all of these product lines.

Samsung says these devices will receive five years of security updates as well. In contrast, Apple generally offers iOS updates for their devices for a minimum of five years, and iOS 15 still supports the iPhone 6s that was released nearly six and a half years ago.

Ultimate Protection For Your New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Bigger screens that fit all the way to the edge require more protection to keep them looking fresh and new no matter what. Rokform keeps your new Galaxy S22 Ultra protected from shocks and drops so you’ll get the most for your trade-in the next time you upgrade. Check out our full lineup of phone cases and mounting accessories today!

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