Great Ideas for Golf Cart Upgrades

Great Ideas for Golf Cart Upgrades

A personal golf cart is the mark of an elite golfer. The key is to stand out from the rest so that everyone can see that you’re a pro. Your golf carts, like your golf attire, should help you establish command while you’re on the green. From golf cart speakers to an upgraded speed controller, we’ve created this list of great ideas so that you can make your golf cart superior to any garden-variety Club Car out there on the green!

Ways to Upgrade Your Golf Cart

Golf cart upgrades don't have to be expensive. You can soup up your cart to give you ease of use and increased functionality. With the following list, you can shop for upgrades to your cart without breaking the bank.

Additional Accessories for More Functionality

Standard golf carts come with a couple of accessories that can help make your golf cart more functional or efficient. If you do choose to want a golf cart accessory to improve your carts while you’re riding around practicing with your friends, here are's some of our suggestions:

Change to Heavy Duty Tires

Standard golf carts parts come with street tires. This means that they’re the typical 8-inch golf tire and are great for driving around on paved surfaces like asphalt. These tires are typically small, and use less power, and are. They are also not as versatile as larger tires.

Larger tires that are at least ten inches allow you to take on rougher terrain in your carts because they have deeper tread, which gives you more options for where you go in your golf carts. The larger tires also look much cooler than standard tires, and this little upgrade can help you stand out from the other golfers on the green. 

Choose Speed

With more power and more speed, you can travel longer distances in a shorter timespan. Upgrading to speedier golf carts is typically much easier than people originally think.

All you have to do is upgrade the battery voltage from the standard 36 to 48. Making this small adjustment may also require a new speed controller toso that it can handle the new, higher voltage. In the end, you’ll be going faster with more control over your speed and the voltage.

If you want to go even faster, you can also upgrade your golf cart’s engine to increase torque andas well as speed. It’s important to remember, though, that driving your golf carts over 25 MPH on the street is illegal in most states. 

Install Lights

A golf cart accessory you simply can't go without is the perfect lighting. You can drive your golf carts at night or after coming back from a nice date at the country club when you install additional lights. If you want to drive your golf cart at night, consider installing LED lights. There are a variety of kits available on the market, and they will give your cart a cool neon glow. 

The lights also make your cart more visible at night, and the ambient lighting will help you see better in the dark. You can also install headlights, taillights, LED spotlights, and LED light bars, depending on your preference. The light bar can give you a long, rectangular spotlight while a headlight gives you better illumination. 

NOTE: The laws for driving your golf cart at night depend on where you live, so it’s important to check the laws in your municipality before you take your cart out on the town at night. 

Install a Cooler

A specialized cooler is an ultimate upgrade to any golf cart. These are ideal for hot summer days when you’re playing a round of golf with your best buddies. Tossing back a cold drink on the green with your buddies is just as important in sportsmanship and camaraderie as actually playing the game!

There are manya ton of options for cooler installation, so that you can choose the best one for you. With limited space in your golf cart, specialized coolers are designed to fit in any nook your golf cart has. You can even mount one onto the cart or install one on the back of the golf cart with a hitch. 

Add Seating Options

Seating is limited to just a few people on a golf cart. Rear seat kits allow you to bring more people along for the ride so that you can all golf together and make it to the next hole at the same time. There are tons of kits available to make your golf cart accessible and easy to ride for more people. 

Extra seating can give your golf cart a sense of luxury, as well as convenience, by flipping back to serve as a flatbed. With extra seating, you can haul more equipment or use your golf cart for more purposes than riding around the green. Not sure what “flipping back” means

Change Your Fenders

If you plan on riding in your golf  cart during stormy weather or want to take your cart through mud, you’ll need fender flares. Fender flares will help your golf cart stay mud-free, extending its shelf life while also keeping your passengers mud-free. Fender flares are affordable and only take a few minutes to install. 

Featuring a Golf Cart Speaker

Of course, there’s simply no use in adding all of these other upgrades without making it a party.

Your golf cart can now be the source of your entertainment, not just how you and your friends get around. With a golf cart speaker, you can take your favorite tunes on the go, whether you’re playing a round with your friends or driving around the neighborhood. 

Music not only impacts your mood, but can help you get in the right headspace to train for a tournamentcompetition. With the right playlist, you can see your golf score and mood improve. Whether you're someone who needs heavy metal to focus or relaxing tunes to prepare for a putt, your speaker will become one of your favorite golf carts accessories.

The G-Rok Portable wireless golf speaker has integrated magnets and is easy to install. It instantlysimply sticks to your golf cart orand any other metal surfaces. Rain or shine, you can use this small Bluetooth speaker on and off the green.

With a waterproof design and a 30-foot range of wireless quality sound, you can leave your golf cart behind while still hearing your tunes from your next putt. Whether you're drinking a few beers with your friends or training hard for your next tournamentcompetition, these speakers are a surefire essential accessory for your cart.

What’s your favorite way to upgrade your golf cart? Tell us in the comments below!

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