Happy Thanksgiving from Rokform!

Happy Thanksgiving from Rokform!

We’re sure everyone is busy cooking, baking, and shopping the most excellent Black Friday deals (*cough* Rokform.com *cough*), but we thought we’d share a little bit about the Rokform Team on this special day.

Happy Turkey Day ya’ll! We’re sure everyone is busy cooking, baking, and shopping the most excellent Black Friday deals (*cough* Rokform.com *cough*), but we thought we’d share a little bit about the Rokform Team on this special day.

To add a little spin to the regular Thanksgiving questions, we asked everyone on our team what the top phone feature is that they’re thankful for and why. We’re also sharing their favorite Thanksgiving food to eat and/or make. Maybe some of their responses will inspire you to download a new app, try a new feature, or bake a new dish!


What is the top phone feature you’re thankful for and why?


rokform thanksgiving messaging

Texting with my two daughters who are always on the go.” –Ed

“It’s very hard to choose one, so I’ll just go with the one I use most – iMessage ☺” –Jess



rokform thanksgiving phone camera

“I just upgraded from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 and I’m SO thankful for the phone camera. I travel a lot but am pretty bad at lugging around my DSLR—the camera feature lets me snap epic photos with just my iPhone.” –Krista

“I’m thankful for the portrait camera on the iPhone 7 +. It gives me the ability to take amazing photos without carrying my camera around.” –Shady

“I am thankful for the camera. I have thousands and thousands of photos and video of my daughter that I have been collecting since she was born and she is now already 8! It is fun to look back and to not only see all of the things we have done together as a family (with my wife too) but to see how much she has grown.” –Jeff 



thanksgiving navigation and apps rokform

“There are numerous apps and the following apps are most thankful to me. LINE, Google Maps, Pandora.” –Miki 

“I’d say the top phone feature I’m thankful for is Waze. I drive a ton so being able to navigate through Southern California traffic is a must.” –Brent

Find my phone. You never know when you’re going to misplace your phone.” –Steve

Side note: The photo above features our BAM Mount and shows how easy it is to access all of your favorite apps safely while on the go. Rokform's mounts for cars, bikes, or motorcycles are all available on Rokform.com. :)



rokform thanksgiving sync

“I am most thankful for the flashlight. Call me simple but I use that thing every day!” –Lauren

“The top phone feature I am thankful for would be that I can listen to my music anytime.” –Joe

“My favorite feature if that all my iOS devices share information and when I’m on the road and I’m still able to stay connected.. My iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone 8 all are synced. Keeps me on the go.” –Cully


What is your favorite Thanksgiving food to eat and/or make?

 rokform thanksgiving

Okay, we sent this second question out as an open-ended question and received a variety of answers. We decided to group the answers into course type: main, side, dessert, or drinks.


Here are the results in a graph:

 rokform favorite thanksgiving dishes

Thanksgiving sides are the clear winner! And the most popular side at Rokform is—mashed potatoes! Not only did mashed potatoes have the most votes, but everyone who voted for the spuds replied with a decisive “definitely mashed potatoes.”


Some team members weighed in with their own thoughts and commentary: 

“I love green bean casserole!” –Lauren


“My favorite Thanksgiving food is definitely mashed potatoes. However, as a side note, I can’t think of a Thanksgiving food I don’t like; easily the best holiday.” –Brent


“I made my first Apple pie upon request from my daughter for her 8-year-old birthday just this past weekend. Apple pie is hands down my favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving and it is also surprisingly simple to make. PRO TIP that I read about: Once you are done making the pie but before you add the top crust: Mix 2TBS melted butter, 1/2 cup yellow cake batter and 1/2 TSP cinnamon together and sprinkle it over the top of the apples before you put the top crust on and then bake. It turns it up a notch!” –Jeff“My favorite Thanksgiving food to make is the turkey and my favorite to eat is the pumpkin pie.” –Ed


“My favorite thing to make is corn soufflé which is always requested by my daughter.” –Jess


Jellied cranberry sauce.  The perfect complement to all things Thanksgiving Dinner.” –Steve


“My favorite thanksgiving food to eat is definitely mashed potatoes.” –Joe


“I love all the side dishes NOT a huge fan of turkey & ham.” –Shady


“My favorite thanksgiving food is Ice Cold Coors Light!” –Cully


All this talk about food is making us very hungry. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family. Safe travels as you travel to and from your destinations! Save time shopping for the perfect holiday present by heading to Rokform.com anytime this Black Friday weekend for some of the best deals.

Oh, and if you want to share your favorite phone feature or Thanksgiving Day food, please leave us a comment below!

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