How to: Save Smartphone Battery Life

How to: Save Smartphone Battery Life

Everything in your day is going right, but suddenly you see the dreaded message: low battery life. In this article, Ashley shares some tips on extending the life of your battery. 


Everything in your day is going right, but suddenly you see the dreaded message: low battery life. Terror, stress and panic—these are a few feelings that you maybe feeling. How do you keep your phone alive now?

The next time you see this dreaded warning message, count to three and take a deep breath. You’re now armed with tips to help you save your smartphone battery:

Turn down the brightness. Save power instantly by lowering the brightness of your screen. No one really needs to have the screen turned up to maximum brightness anyways. Add the Rokgard Screen Protector for ultimate protection.

Limit notifications from apps. Receiving push notification for every game, tweet, or football score is exciting—but a major battery drainer. Turn off these push notifications to preserve maximum battery life. With less interruption, you may even get more work done, too!

Shut down Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are major battery drain-culprits. When you’re not in your car or near a hands-free device, there is no reason to keep your Bluetooth on. The same goes for a Wi-Fi connection. If you’re not in the office or at home, give the connection a break in order to save battery life.

Avoid using ‘vibrate’ setting. You may think having your phone turned to vibrate is using less power, but actually, it’s draining your cellular device. Setting your phone to loud or (gasp!) silent is better than vibrate when it comes to battery life.

Focus on one task only. It’s easy to read an email, watch a YouTube video, and play Words with Friends all at the same time, but in reality, you can only focus on one thing. Stick to one task before moving on to the next and be sure to shut down unused apps.


What other tips do you have for preserving your phone’s battery life?

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