Must-Have Phone Accessories

by Jessica Petyo October 29, 2020

Must-Have Phone Accessories

Phones are one of the most expensive necessities we have in the digital age. While most people can go without the newest tablet or gaming console, it’s simply not possible to function at your job or keep in contact with your family without a smartphone. And while a heavy-duty iPhone case can help keep your phone safe no matter where you are, there are other considerations that come into play.

Best Accessories for Phones and Cases

Your iPhone is likely a large investment for you, even if it is a necessary one. According to Statista, there are over 100 million iPhone users in the United States. Just because you purchased your iPhone for the same reasons as everyone else - like accessibility and ease of use - doesn’t mean that your iPhone will go through the same places as everyone else’s.

Everyone's got bigger things to worry about than whether their phone can survive a hectic day in their hands. Whether you're a high-ranking executive, savvy content creator, or busy parent, your phone deserves to be accessorized in ways that best suit your lifestyle.

Here are our picks for the best iPhone accessories:

Heavy Duty iPhone Cases

Because you’ve spent so much money on your new phone, it’s especially important to ensure its safety. While you can pick up cheap accessories for a phone at a convenience store or a gas station, a wiser decision would be to invest in a smartphone case that's durable enough to last many years.

Check out these top iPhone cases:

Rugged Case

The new Rugged Case is built for people who love adventure. No matter where you go or how you travel, be it in a car, bike, or motorcycle, you can rest assured that dropping your phone won’t break it when it’s in a Rugged Case. 

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this phone case is that it exceeds the military drop-test standards. The rugged case can help your phone withstand drops up to six feet, which means that it can fall out of your purse or pocket without breaking.(Although there is NO guarantee that the phone won’t break, even when dropped from less than 6 feet)

It also comes with built-in magnetic technology that allows you to stick your phone to any magnetic surface. 

You can also get a magnetic car phone holder so that you can use your GPS hands-free and stay safe on the road. The RokLock twist lock system allows you to use your new case on a bike or motorcycle mount as well. 

While the Rugged Case is certainly heavy-duty, it’s shockingly light because it’s made out of a hard polycarbonate and a soft impact-resistant core. 

Crystal Wireless Case

Your iPhone deserves not only functionality, but also a beautiful case that can highlight its intricate design. The Rokform Crystal Case offers a slim and lightweight design that can easily slip into your pocket, backpack, or purse. It can also grip any magnetic surface so that you can keep your smartphone nearby without worrying about it falling or losing it.

The Crystal Wireless iPhone case comes with a magnetic RokLock plug for superior magnetic mounting when taking your phone with you on the go. The shockproof case offers a hard polycarbonate shell with a soft impact-resistant core and 360-degree dual compound protection featuring a slim, non-bulky design. 

Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

Rokform’s tempered glass screen protector is built to be tough and keep the face of your iPhone protected against drops, scratches, and dirt. The screen protector complements your smartphone case so that you can further protect your iPhone and keep it scratch-free. 

Measuring in at only 0.33mm thick, the screen protector is resilient and slender to avoid adding bulk to your phone, so it will still easily fit into your pocket. It’s also light enough to retain the original iPhone touch screen sensitivity. This means that you won’t have to press hard or strain your wrist from adjusting the way you use the phone as intended. 

With the tempered glass screen protector, you can ensure that your smartphone keeps its beautiful look. You won’t have to worry about adhesive residue, fingerprints, or the clarity of your screen ever again. It’s coated and designed to further accentuate the graphics on your iPhone screen from all angles so that you won’t lose visibility.

While most screen protectors are incredibly difficult to install correctly and without air bubbles, these tempered glass screen protectors offer a simple and hassle-free setup. All you have to do is clean your iPhone screen and alight the protector to the phone sticky-side down. A squeegee is included to remove the air bubbles for you. 

Choosing the Best Case for your Apple iPhone

Phones take a lot of abuse, so it’s crucial to find a case that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. If you’ve ever lost your grip and watched your expensive smartphone hit the floor, you know how important protecting your device is.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best iPhone case! 

Consider Price

While you may find cheap smartphone accessories on Facebook Marketplace or eBay, you’ll rarely find the quality phone accessories you need. You must shop around to make sure that you can’t find a better deal for the same features.

Remember, though, the cost will often go up based on the brand of the iPhone accessory, and it’s important to protect the phone you’ve already invested in.  

Do Your Due Diligence

When it comes to shopping for anything today, one of the most important things you can do is your research. Make sure to read reviews on the smartphone cases you’re interested in to ensure that they support your needs and that enough iPhone users use them every day with few issues.

Check the Features

There are cases out there designed to simply protect your iPhone from mild drops. However, if you have a more rugged lifestyle, you’ll need a heavy-duty cell phone case. If you use your phone for filming your motorcycle rides, for instance, you’ll need to make sure that the case offers full protection but doesn’t cover all of your important ports or cameras.

Further, while a case may say it’s for an iPhone 11, it’s best to check out photos of the product from different angles to ensure that it won’t cover up any important ports on your smartphone. 

Note Your Level of Protection

Depending on how often you drop your smartphone, you must consider the level of protection you require. If you're likely to drop it from the top of the stairs or let it slip out of your pocket, your phone case should offer you the best protection possible. 

Consider how clumsy you are and where your smartphone might be dropped.  The more protection you require, the bulkier your case will likely be. While slim cases are more compact and look sleeker, the rugged cases are the ones that offer the highest protection. 

Find the Best Accessories for Your Smartphones Today

Let's be real, you’ve probably dropped a cell phone and broken it at one point in time. The hard truth is that even the most sophisticated smartphones are still fragile objects. Instead of having to purchase a replacement every time you drop your iPhone, avoid the costs by preventing damage to your smartphone in the first place.

Check out Rokform's selection of iPhone cases and related accessories today!

Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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