New Product Alert: Aluminum Magnetic Wallet [AVAILABLE NOW]

by Krista A. July 13, 2021

New Product Alert: Aluminum Magnetic Wallet [AVAILABLE NOW]

Protect your credit cards and bank information from getting stolen with the new Aluminum Magnetic Wallet with RFID Blocking.

The Aluminum Magnetic Wallet is the perfect wallet solution for anyone looking to ditch the bulky old-school wallet but wants to keep everything in one place. And we mean it — with your key cards and cash stored in the Aluminum Magnetic Wallet, which conveniently attaches to your magnetic Rokform phone case, you’ll never never have to carry a regular old wallet again.


About the Aluminum Magnetic Wallet

Stick the Aluminum Magnetic Wallet to your Rokform case as a practical and permanent replacement to your previous wallet. Made with premium materials including aircraft grade aluminum and finished with a UV-resistant tactical matte black coating, this wallet will hold up against typical phone wear and tear. The steel spring money clip, which holds up to 12 bills with ease, is meant to store bills and cards that do not have RFID chips. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty elastic grips your cards just the right amount for easy access and a secure hold. Behind the RFID blocking aluminum chassis is a hidden steel insert that allows you to stick your wallet to any ROKFORM case. At just 3.3oz, the Aluminum Magnetic Wallet is tough, but it won't weigh you down. 

    • Easy install. Instantly attaches to ROKFORM Magnetic cases

    • Slim and lightweight. Reduces pocket bulk, weighs only 3.3 ounces

    • Thoughtful design. Quickly access cash and cards

    • RFID Blocking. Secure your identity

    • Premium materials. Built from premium aluminum for long life

    • Lots of storage. Holds 1-12 cards and 1-12 bills with ease

    • Magnetic mounting. Sticks to all ROKFORM magnetic cases and mounts




What’s RFID blocking and why does it matter?

First, let’s start with RFID. RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification, which is a technology that uses radio waves to identify and then transfer information between people or objects. The easiest explanation is the contactless payment feature that popped up in the last five years and is now widely accepted at many stores in the United States. Where previously you would go to the cash register to pay and have to go through the process of handing the cashier your credit card or inserting it directly into the payment terminal, now at many places you can simply wave your credit card near the payment terminal and the payment will be magically sent through. That is possible thanks to RFID.

Like most things, the advent of RFID should be viewed as a double-edged sword. It has added incredible convenience to our lives, allowing people to pay for most goods at the wave of hand, literally. At the same time, when RFID devices get into the wrong hands, it can mean your credit card and bank information can be stolen and used maliciously by thieves as quickly and effortlessly as you paid for your last order at In-N-Out.

RFID wallets effectively shield your bank and id cards with a material that blocks all electromagnetic fields, so they can only be used after you’ve taken them out of your wallet. With the Rokform Aluminum Magnetic Wallet, that means that you can secure up to 12 cards from being used unknowingly. 





Rokform Aluminum Magnetic Wallet RFID 1

Rokform Aluminum Magnetic Wallet RFID 2

Rokform Aluminum Magnetic Wallet RFID 3Rokform Aluminum Magnetic Wallet RFID 4

Rokform Aluminum Magnetic Wallet RFID 5

Rokform Aluminum Magnetic Wallet RFID 6 

Krista A.
Krista A.


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