San Diego’s Fittest of Summer: PGC's Summer Series 2018

San Diego’s Fittest of Summer: PGC's Summer Series 2018

Beginning in two weeks, Proving Grounds Competitions is introducing its Summer Series, a multi-event competition in San Diego to crown the fittest athletes. Rokform is excited to join in on the fun.

Summer Series 2018 by Proving Grounds Competitions is a multi-event competition that will crown San Diego's fittest athletes. Get all the details about Summer Series 2018 and the organization behind it.


What is the Summer Series?

Summer Series 2018 is San Diego's first multi-competition series. Up to 100 teams will compete for the crown of summer's fittest through multiple events across 8 team divisions. Teams made up of two or three athletes compete beachside in the events, which include a mix of individual and team workouts that are scored on time and completion.

Summer Series is comprised of two stages:

  • Stage 1 – TeamFit on June 23, 2018
  • Stage 2 – SoCal Fitness Classic on August 25, 2018

How to participate

Compete as an athlete

Register to participate in one or both events! Register to compete! Use discount code “imperialbeach18” for $25 off your team sign up

Volunteer at TeamFit or SoCal Fitness Classic

Volunteers gain free entry to the event and will receive catered lunch, a staff shirt, refreshments and high-five's for donating your time to the event and community.

Sign up to volunteer.

Cheer on Summer Series athletes/participants

If you aren’t participating but would like to cheer on the athletes that are, just head to the Imperial Beach Pier on either (or both!) of the event dates.

Imperial Beach Pier

10 Evergreen Ave.

Imperial Beach, CA 91932



Rokform discounts for participants

Rokform is a proud sponsor of Summer Series 2018. We’re offering special discounts on for participating athletes. Plus, Rokform gift card prizes will be given out at the events!

More about Proving Grounds Competitions

While some of our customers are already competition athletes, others may be competitors in the making. We spoke to Co-founder Chris Boyd to find out more about San Diego's first multi-event competition and the history of Proving Grounds Competitions. If you've ever been curious to learn more about such events, read on, participate, or join a gym!

What is your favorite thing about hosting competition events?​ ​

We exist to serve our athletes. We want to use our platform to give competitors the opportunity to shatter their own expectations of their capabilities. The human body is capable of unbelievable feats and we see proof of this in everyday people who compete at our events (and they get to do it in front of an electric crowd of family and friends!).

What is your favorite thing about participating in competition events?​ 

...My favorite part of competition is the moment in a workout where you're in pain and you are presented with two choices -- slow down and feel a little better now or push past the short-term pain to see what's on the other side (exactly as found in the rest of life). For the most part, I've chosen the latter while in competition and the feeling when you've given it everything is so incredibly satisfying regardless of the leader board standings. I try to compete at least once a year to remember that feeling and keep PGC's spirit energized and pointed in the right direction.​ 

In your opinion, what will be the most challenging aspect of TeamFit for participants?​

TeamFit is first and foremost a team based challenge, so training with your teammates is key. In terms of programming, the workouts have a number of odd-object challenges that benefit those who have been training with a broad variety of implements (e.g. sandbags). The teams that do the best will have solid communication and be balanced in all areas of fitness. Teams filled with specialists (e.g. John is a strongman who never runs; Krista is a gymnast that doesn't lift weights; Laura is a marathoner that can't do a push-up) will struggle.

Do you have any advice for people that are curious about CrossFit and want to learn more? ​

​Find an affiliate and jump in with both feet! Each gym is its own tribe filled with members and a culture unique to itself, so it’s important to check out a few, talk to the owners, coaches, and members, and see where there's a personality fit. Once you find that secret sauce, you'll find friends forever, learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible, and be in the best shape of your life!


For more information about Summer Series 2018, visit PGC's website.

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