Rokform Has Eyes for the Ryder Cup

Rokform Has Eyes for the Ryder Cup

Want to take your Rokform and Golf game a notch further? In this article, learn how Rokform can not only help with your game, but how we've made it to the legendary Ryder Cup! 



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It’s that time of year! It’s officially fall and the sport of golf turns its eyes to one of the sport’s top events...the Ryder Cup. Before golf got its day in the sun at the 2016 Olympics in Rio this past summer - the first time in over 100 years - the Ryder Cup was THE event where American fans could cheer for Team USA as they took on the players of Europe.

Every two years, competitors find themselves playing for patriotic pride rather thanlarge sums of money, with the U.S. and Europe trading off hosting duties at each meeting. This year, the Ryder Cup is back on American soil as the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota opens its doors to the most talented golf athletes in the world. Are you chanting “USA, USA, USA” yet? WE ARE!

So why do we at Rokform care about a sporting event like the Ryder Cup? To put it simply...we LOVE golf! The challenges it brings around every corner, the excitement it produces when you’re one shot away from winning, and the continual room for improvement are just a few reasons why golf is one of the sporting activities we support with our products. Rokform + Golf? YOU BET. Rokform produces an innovative Golf Shooter, made for the pro and everyday golfer, alike.

While we know most of our customers aren’t out there trying to make it on the tour, they are competitive and always ready to step up their game. So without the constant coaching feedback that the pros get, the next best coach is video. Enter the Golf Shooter! This Rokform accessory allows us to use our Rokform mounted device to record our swing while we practice and then go back and see what improvements we can make.

Rokform Golf Shooter

We introduced the Golf Shooter a few years back, but this past spring we made some updates to accommodate the newer and much LARGER devices that are now on the market. Instead of being mounted with the RokLock system, we took our handy Multi-Tool accessory and use its tripod mounting ability to lock to the Golf Shooter, giving the perfect attachment for the popular and large devices most users have today. So not only are you getting the durable Golf Shooter, you get the versatile Multi-Tool (that can crack open a beer on the 19th hole).

Rokform Multi-Tool Bottleopener

Want to take your Rokform + Golf game a notch further? Add the popular BAM mount to your range finder and it will easily mount to the pole of your golf cart.

Range Finder Mount

Are you a pull cart kind of player? Keep your phone close by adding the Sport Series bike mount to the cart handle. Believe us when we say you’ll be turning some jealous heads at the golf course.

Mount for Golf Cart

As we head into the exciting week of Ryder Cup action, we want to wish Rickie Fowler - a friend of Rokform - and the entire USA team good luck as they try to win back the Ryder Cup title from the European team. Check out the custom cases we made for the team. Let’s hope they help provide the inspiration they need to win! USA, USA, USA!

Rickie Fowler Rider Cup

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