Rokform Interviews Jeremy Albrecht

Rokform Interviews Jeremy Albrecht

Jeremy Albrecht, JGRMX’s team manager, chats with us about his career in the motocross industry and about his daily life. 

Check out our interview with motocross veteran Jeremy “J-Bone” Albrecht!

Jeremy Albrecht is JGRMX’s team manager. The 40-year-old from Reche Canyon, Calif., is a motocross veteran, having ridden and wrenched motorcycles for years. Albrecht raced as an amateur for several seasons before becoming a mechanic in 1990 for his brother Joel on the professional circuit. In 1993, Albrecht worked with X-Games gold medalist Tommy Clowers, and in 1995 he paired with Jeff Emig, one of the top motocross riders of the 1990s. Albrecht accompanied Emig to four titles, assistance that helped earn Emig a 2004 induction into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Following his tenure with Emig, Albrecht became James “Bubba” Stewart’s mechanic in 2002, where the duo produced seven championships. In all, Albrecht has 11 major championships as a tuner, eight AMA Mechanic of the Year awards, two LiveNation Mechanic of the Year titles and the 2006 Mechanix Wear Outstanding Achievement award. The nickname “J-Bone” was coined by Emig. Jeremy also co-promotes the annual Surfercross event in its tenth year. (Courtesy: JGRMX)

  • How and when did you get started in motocross? My Brother and I started riding at 5 years old but we started racing in 1984. We had a friend that we went to school with named Robbie Perez that raced and talked us into it. It was fun and we started racing every weekend.
  • Where is your favorite place to ride? Reche Canyon was when we were kids, but I don’t think it’s the same today.
  • Is there another profession you would have like to try? A Rockstar (if I could sing or play something)…No…I’m happy with everything.
  • What’s your daily schedule like? It always changes so that why I like it. I take the day off before I fly and that is usually Thursday. The other days I’m in the office answering emails, talking on the phone with riders or sponsors…I’m always updating our schedule for Hotels, testing, flights etc…Mostly computer work now.
  • What’s the best and worst part of your job? The best is the reward when everything looks good or we win a race. The worst is when we have to make a personnel change or rider change…(we all become friends so it’s hard when we are going a different direction).
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Honest, happy and friendly
  • Besides riding and surfing, how else do you spend your free time? I just got back into Mountain biking since the beach is 3 hours away. In the summer time, we go out on the boat when I have free time. I try to do things with my wife and kids since I travel so much. I go to every race we enter in the USA….(17 SX, 12 MX and this year the Monster Cup).

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