Rokform Team Spotlight: Lauren, Customer Service Rep

Rokform Team Spotlight: Lauren, Customer Service Rep

Recently we introduced Shady, one member of our all-star Customer Service team. Today, we’re spotlighting Lauren, another member of amazing team!
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If you have an order or product question, what do you do? We try to make it as easy as possible for customers to find the answer, so you have several different options:

Get Support on

  • 100% Safe Magnets for your Phone – Check out the page we put together to answer one of our most popular questions, “Is a magnet case safe to use with my phone? The quick answer—100% yes!!
  • Replacement Parts – If you ever need a replacement part for a case or mount you’ve purchased, we have a section on the website specifically dedicated to these parts!
  • Return Policy – Curious about Rokform’s return policy? You can read our full return policy online.
  • Two Year Warranty – Did you know all Rokform products are warranted to be free from defects for two years from the original purchase date. Read our full limited two-year warranty online.
  • Product FAQs – If you have questions about a specific product, we post the most frequently asked questions on the product page. Simply visit page of the specific product you have a question about, click on the tab titled ‘FAQ’, which is located just below the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
  • Help Desk – Didn’t find the answer to your question? You can submit a request to our online Rokform Help Desk to receive a quick response from our Customer Service Team.

Speak to Rokform's Customer Service Team

We think these resources are great, but if you want to talk to a Customer Service representative straightaway, you can always call our Customer Service Line: 855-765-3676.

If you have a Rokform-related question, they have the answers! A couple of months ago we introduced Shady, one member of our all-star Customer Service team. Today, we’re spotlighting Lauren, another member of amazing team!

Lauren has been Customer Service Rep at Rokform for just over a year and she has a ton of fun whenever she’s at work. She especially loves working at Rokform because the people she works with are supportive and inspire her to go above and beyond in her own role. Her favorite thing about being a Customer Service Rep? Making someone’s day by exceeding their expectations.

More About Lauren

Do you remember the Total Solar Eclipse that took place last year? It occurred in August and was best viewed if you were in the path of totality. Lauren drove 16 hours straight to Oregon to see the full eclipse!

Rokform Lauren Solar Eclipse

Lauren currently sports a Custom Rugged iPhone 6 case. This makes sense since custom cases are a big part of her role. She loves helping people all day and creating awesome cases that are unique to each person. Lauren may be rocking a Custom Rugged Case for her iPhone, but her favorite Rokform product is actually the Vent Mount: “It is so useful in unexpected ways. I use it as a stand and for texting.”

rokform rugged custom case iphone

Lauren Shares One of Her Favorite Customer Stories

Our Customer Service Team receives tons of calls every day—a mix of questions, reviews, and our favorite—customer stories. We asked Lauren to share one of her favorite customer stories:

There was a guy who worked in construction. He had an [iPhone] 8/7 PLUS in his front pocket when one of the machines got stuck in reverse and pinned him against the wall. The [Rokform] case saved his leg from being crushed!

True story! You can check out other short snippets of amazing customer stories on our Testimonials page.

Connect with Rokform Customer Service

If you have any questions about your Rokform case or mount, you can always call Rokform Customer Service at 855-765-3676 or visit us at 16180 Scientific in Irvine, California. And if you had a memorable experience with someone from our customer service team, let us know! Leaving us positive reviews and word of mouth referrals are two of the top ways new customers find Rokform!

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