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Rokform Team Spotlight: Shady, Customer Service Rep

by Krista A. December 08, 2017

Rokform Team Spotlight: Shady, Customer Service Rep

If you’ve ever interacted with Rokform’s Customer Service team, you know they are the BEST. We receive emails every day about how amazing our Customer Service team is. In one of our recent blog posts, we even shared how we believe businesses can create a customer-first mindset.

Well, now is as good a time as ever to introduce some team members up close and personal. We’re spotlighting our Customer Service all-stars so you can find out a little more about the wonderful Rokform team you’re interacting with during the busy holiday season.


Meet Shady, Customer Service Rep (aka Customer Service Rokstar)

shady rokform customer service

If you’ve called Rokform’s Customer Service line recently, the likelihood you spoke with Shady are pretty high. She’s been a Customer Service Rep at Rokform for 1.5 years and absolutely loves it! From the moment she steps into the office at 7:45am until she leaves in the afternoon, her number one priority is tackling any and all customer questions and phone calls. Of course, that’s after picking the perfect playlist to start the day off right. Her favorite thing about being a Customer Service Rep? Going above and beyond to put smiles on the faces of Rokform’s customers.


More About Shady

shadys rokform glitter case

Shady rocks an iPhone 7+ with a pink hand-painted Rokform Glitter Case. Fun Fact: The entire glitter line was Shady’s idea! As an avid Rokform customer, she often wonders how many people can function without a mountable phone case. When she decided to style out her own Rokform Crystal Case with glitter paint, the Rokform team loved it so much, we started selling them online with great response. Now her phone maintains magnet functionality and Rokform durability with a bit of her own style, too: “That case saves my phone on the daily & it's super cute.”


Shady Shares One of Her Favorite Customer Stories

rokform customer service police chase

Our Customer Service Team receives tons of calls every day—a mix of questions, reviews, and our favorite—customer stories. We asked Shady to tell us about one of her favorite customer stories. 

I had a police offer come into our showroom one day after a high-speed chase with a smile on his face.

I asked if he needed any help and he responded, “This case is amazing!! I just chased a guy with my phone stuck to the hood of my car.” He said they hit a speed of 105 mph and all he could do was focus on was his driving and the situation he was in.

What a great story, right? It actually might surprise you to know that this police officer wasn't the only person in emergency services to tell us they've been caught in action with a Rokform-protected phone stuck on the hood! Check out other short snippets of the stories from our amazing customers on our Testimonials page.

Connect with Rokform Customer Service

rokform customer service

If you have any questions before purchasing, or about your recent purchase, you can always call Rokform Customer Service at 855-765-3676 or visit us at 16180 Scientific in Irvine, California. And if you had a memorable experience with someone from our customer service team, let us know! Leaving us positive reviews and word of mouth referrals are two of the top ways new customers find Rokform. 

Signing off with Shady’s favorite emoji!

-Rokform 🖤

Krista A.
Krista A.


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