Rokform's Summer Essentials

Rokform's Summer Essentials

With summer officially upon us, we’re excited to break out a few of our summer essentials to make it through the summer strong and have a little fun! Learn how Rokform, GoPro, and more can get you started this summer. 


Summer time. When the living! Well at least it has been lately in Southern California, giving us full notice that summer is here. With summer officially upon us, we’re excited to break out a few of our summer essentials to make it through the summer strong and have a little fun!

Rokform Go Pro Mount - Perfect for Summer Adventures

For those magic moments - Rokform GoPro Mount

There are likely tons of moments to capture during various summer activities. The GoPro camera is a great way to collect all those special and adventurous moments that encompass your life. With the Rokform GoPro Mount, it’s easy to turn your phone’s screen into the viewfinder as it attaches the GoPro straight to your phone.

For the impromptu water balloon fight - Bunch O Balloons

If you’re like us, you remember what a pain it was to prepare for an (eventually) fun water balloon fight. Tying all those balloons was like an art form and in a matter of minutes they were all gone. Well that hassle is now a thing of the past thanks to Bunch O Balloons. They claim this technology can fill up to 100 water balloons in 60 seconds. No more tying water balloons? Sign us up!

For obtaining your cycling goals - Rokform Bike Mount

Rokform iPhone Bike Mount

The Tour de France is in full swing and it’s easy to get any cycling enthusiast excited about being in the saddle during the next few weeks. Watching the incredible athleticism of those cyclists makes us pumped up to go out and ride, trying to claim that next KOM. As many cyclists have found out, the sturdy, aluminum Rokform Bike Mount is a big help as it allows riders see their phone while riding and take full advantage of the various training apps, such as Strava. Another great feature - it’s made in America!

For your creative side - A Festival Near You

Summer means it’s time to get outdoors and take advantage of all the festivities happening near you. Fest 300 has a pretty detailed list of various festivals that are taking place around the country (and around the world).

For your trip to Sturgis - Rokform’s Motorcycle Mount

Rokform Motorcycle Mount for iPhone and Galaxy Devices

For the motorcycle rider that loves to attend rallies, summer is for Sturgis. The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota is either an annual tradition or a bucket list item for motorcycle riders across the country and even around the world. To get you (and your phone) there safely, Rokform offers a perfect solution in the Motorcycle Mount. Placed either on the handlebars or fork, getting to Mount Rushmore will be easy by using the phone’s navigation that is clearly visible while riding.

Summer is about what you make it so get out and seize every opportunity for a good time!

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