Samsung Galaxy S22: What we know about the upcoming release

Samsung Galaxy S22: What we know about the upcoming release

In anticipation of the pending release, we’re sharing all the details we know about the upcoming release. 
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Samsung smartphone enthusiasts were probably a little disappointed when the S22 lineup wasn’t announced during CES 2022 last month, but no worries. In anticipation of the pending release, we’re sharing all the details we know about this year's lineup.


S22 release date

Samsung’s flagship smartphone series tends to land at the beginning of the year. With no launch date announcement coming from CES 2022, the most common rumor swirling around is that the Galaxy S22 will be announced early February. Smartphones are expected to start shipping at the end of February.


S22 Pricing

Samsung Galaxy’s reduced pricing from last year should continue in 2022

Reports on this one are conflicting, especially considering the recently release Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung’s budget Galaxy offering. If you’ll remember, Samsung reduced the starting prices of the Galaxy lineup by $200 last year (compared to 2021). We think it’s unlikely Samsung will raise them again after just one year, so we’re sticking with the same pricing as the S21s. Prices should start at:

  • Galaxy S22- $799
  • Galaxy S22 Plus - $999
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra - $1199


A change in display sizes

The latest Galaxy’s have stuck to consistent sizing - 6.2 inches for S21, 6.7 inches for S21 Plus and 6.8 inches for S21 Ultra. Latest rumors and leaks suggest the former two Galaxy phones decreasing in size to 6.05 inches and 6.5 inches, respectively. The S22 Ultra is expected to stay at 6.8 inches.



Like the S21, the S22 is expected to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon procession chip. That said, we expect that every phone in the lineup will be using the next generation of both chips, Snapdragon 895 and Exynos 220.



We aren’t expecting any huge updates in most of the new phones. A 12 megapixel ultra wide and two 12 megapixel telephoto lenses are rumored for the S22 and S22 Plus. The S22 Ultra should have a 108 megapixel camera, but some initial leaks believed this number good be actually be closer to a huge 200 MPs. It’s still unclear which rumor is more reliable.



Originally leaked by analyst Ross Young, the S22 lineup is expected to be largely the same across the three S22 phones:

  • Galaxy S22 - Black, Green, Pink Gold, White
  • Galaxy S22 Plus - Black, Green, Pink Gold, White
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra - Black, Dark Red, Pink Gold, White


More seamless design

The S22’s design isn’t drastically different from its predecessor, but what it lacks in innovation it makes up for in durability. One of the biggest complaints of the S20 lineup was the bulkiness of the rear phone cameras, which stuck out not only as an eyesore but as a magnet for any bumps or scuffs. In the new design, the cameras are better integrated into the rest of the body’s design, which makes the camera bumps less obtrusive.


An S Pen for the S22 Ultra?

Could the Samsung S22 Ultra be the Galaxy Note's successor? Leaked photos suggest the S22 features a squared off edge design (similar to the Note) and an S pen, which we're sure would be much appreciated by fans of the Galaxy Note.


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