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What's in the Stars for the Samsung Galaxy S9?

by Krista A. February 08, 2018 6 Comments

What's in the Stars for the Samsung Galaxy S9?

(updated April 18, 2018)

“The Camera. Reimagined.”

Not too long ago, Samsung revealed that its highly anticipated unveiling of the next generation Galaxy will take place at Mobile World Congress on February 25.

What’s in the stars for the Samsung Galaxy S9? We’ve combed the through the most popular Tech websites and blogs to give our customers the details on all the Galaxy S9 rumors.

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released on March 16. Rokform cases for S9 are expected to ship to customers early May.

Pre-order your S9 case on our website to be one of the first customers to receive it!

Note: If you've already read all the rumors and want to join our interest list to receive Rokform's latest Galaxy S9 product new, scroll to the bottom to join!

Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors

1. Huge Camera Upgrades

Well, considering that Samsung’s invite to the unveiling, which only says, “The Camera. Reimagined,” this isn’t really a rumor. Samsung says the next generation of Galaxy devices reimagines the camera and redefines the way you share your moments. But what could these camera upgrades possible be?

Variable aperture

Aperture essentially controls how much light passes through the lens diaphragm to reach the retina. A larger aperture opening lets your smartphone camera gather more light, which is important for image quality. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to have variable aperture of f/1.5-2.4 aperture. That means the S9 would be able to switch between f/1.5, which is great for low light pictures, and f/2.4, where lighting is better and images are crisper.

Super slow-mo video 

According to rumors, the Galaxy S9 will offer two ways to record slow-motion video. The first way is by changing the setting to slow motions and tapping the shutter button to begin recording in slow-mo. The second, more interesting way, is by pushing the record button—with this method the camera would only start recording in slow motion once movement is detected in the frame. 

HDR video capture

Currently, every smartphone on the market is capable of displaying HDR video, but cannot capture HDR video. One of the huge camera upgrades that’s rumored for the S9 is the introduction of world's first phone with HDR vid capture. In December Qualcomm introduced its Snapdragon 845 mobile chipset:

These brand-new architectures bring high-performance, true-to-life cinematic video capture, along with superior photography to flagship mobile devices. Snapdragon 845 will be able to captures 64x more high-dynamic range color information for video capture and playback on Ultra HD Premium displays, compared to the previous generation —a first in the mobile industry.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset is rumored to be inside the Galaxy S9. 

12MP Dual Pixel lens with optical image stabilization

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has an 8-megapixel sensor. Leaks claim the Galaxy S9 will be packed with a 12-megapixel camera.

2. Radio ready?

According to a press release by NextRadio, the Galaxy S9 will support the app for live and local FM radio by ‘unlocking the FM chip in upcoming smartphone models in the US and Canada.'

3. Four color options 

Mobile leaker Evan Blass believes the S9 will be available in four color options: midnight black, lilac purple, titanium gray, and coral blue.

4. Big storage and battery capacity

Rumors floating around have hinted at the Galaxy S9 having 8x the storage capacity of the Galaxy S8. This is based off of a Samsung announcement late last year that the company had begun mass-producing a 512GB flash storage solution for its future mobile devices.

The battery size of the Galaxy S9 will potentially be 3,000mAh, while the Galaxy S9 Plus may be an even bigger 3,500mAh.

5. The last Galaxy S phone?

With the Galaxy S9 available soon, what’s next for the Galaxy S line? Will they keep going with the S10, S11, and so on? Or will they change up the naming scheme, as competitors like Apple have started doing? Rumor has it that this could be the very last phone of the Galaxy S line, with the smartphone naming convention potentially moving from numbers to letters.

S9 Dates & Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S9 launch date is February 25, according to Samsung's Unpacked 2018 invite. It's unclear when it'll arrive to its first customers, but pre-orders are likely to start on March 1 and the phone may ship in mid-March.

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy S9 launched on March 16, but actually began shipping phones a week in advance. Rokform cases for S9 are expected to ship to customers early May.

Pre-order your S9 case on our website to be one of the first customers to receive it!

Protecting your Galaxy S9

rokform galaxy s8 rugged s

Photo: This is Rokform's Rugged Case for the Samsung S8. Pre-orders for the Samsung S9 will begin on February 25.

With all those huge upgrades, you’re probably ready for information about how you can protect your phone and investment. Rokform will begin pre-orders for the Rugged S as soon as the Galaxy S9 reveal on February 25. You can also sign up for our Galaxy S9 Interest list at the bottom of this blog post to be included in all of our newsletters about the S9. 

For customers upgrading from the S8 to the S9, you know that our Rugged S Case provides the ultimate impact protection while still maintaining a slim feel. We're still ironing out details for our Galaxy S9, but you can always expect Rokform to go Beyond Protection.

  • Premium Materials: Made with a dual compound high-impact polycarbonate construction and soft inner liner.
  • Shockproof Impact Protection: 4-point protective rear guard and 360-degree protection from drops.
  • Mounting Capabilities: Roksafe Magnetic Mounting and Roklock twist-lock mounting system makes this case compatible with all Rokform Accessories.

Join Rokform's Galaxy S9 Interest List

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Krista A.
Krista A.


6 Responses


September 04, 2019

Thanks for this post.I need more details for Protecting Galaxy S9?

Rokform Krista
Rokform Krista

April 18, 2018

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog! Rugged cases for the new Samsung S9 are due to arrive early May, although I’m unable to give you a specific date. You can receive the S9 case as soon as possible by pre-ordering the case on

For any future questions you may have, please reach out to our Customer Service team directly for a quicker response! 855-765-3676. 

Thank you,
Rokform Team

Brandon Woods
Brandon Woods

April 04, 2018

When should customers expect a release date for the S9 cases?


April 03, 2018

when the case will be available?? Thank you


April 03, 2018

The case, of course!


April 03, 2018

when will be available?? , Thank you

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