The Best Phone Mounts for Toyota SUVs

by Krista A. September 20, 2019

The Best Phone Mounts for Toyota SUVs

Last year we started sharing the Rokform phone mounts that best fit specific car makes and models starting with an article on your best phone mounts for your truck. In August, we shared our list of the best phone mounts for your SUV. If you had a chance to read August’s post, you might have noticed that one of America’s most popular auto brands was missing from the list – Toyota. Today we are highlighting the best Rokform mounts for Toyota sport utility vehicles.


The SUV Phone Mounts

Rokform Swivel Mount

swivel mount lifestyle

The Swivel Mount installs onto any SUV dash with powerful 3M VHB adhesive and can be easily adjusted to find the best viewing angle.

Swivel Mount Features:

  • Perfect viewing angle – 360-degree rotation on aircraft aluminum swivel
  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide
  • Super grip with easy install – 3M VHB adhesive is residue-free
  • High quality materials – made with CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminum and 3M VHB adhesive


Price: $29.99

Order Swivel Mount


Rokform Vent Mount

air vent mount rokform

Finding an open and accessible spot on your dashboard can be more difficult than you think. If that's the case for your SUV, look no further than the Vent Mount. The Vent Mount easily installs onto most air vents for a secure hold.

Vent Mount Features:

  • Mounts onto your SUV's air conditioning vent
  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide with 15 lb. pull for the ultimate grip
  • Universal system – A thin steel plate is included for use with any phone case
  • Super grip – Vent clip is made from Super Grip TPE that won’t slip


Price: $19.99

Buy Vent Mount


Rokform Low Pro Dash Mount

low pro magnetic car mount

The beauty of the Low Pro mount is its versatility. Since it is less than an inch wide, you are sure to find multiple spots in your SUV where you can mount your phone.

Low Pro Mount Features:

  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide with 15 lb. Pull for the ultimate grip
  • Super grip with easy install – 3M adhesive backing mounts to any flat surface
  • Unobstructed view – Small size for the perfect fit on your dash


Price: $19.99

Buy Low Pro Dash Mount


Phone Mounts for Toyota 4Runner

toyota 4runner phone mount

toyota phone mount 4 runner

toyota phone mount 4runner 3

Photo: Rokform Vent Mount in 2020 4Runner

If you have a newer 4Runner model with an infotainment system, there’s limited space to install a phone mount. Luckily, the Vent Mount slides onto the center air vents easily. Alternatively, the smooth surface on the top of the dashboard makes the Swivel Mount another great option.


Phone Mounts for Toyota C-HR

toyota phone mount chr

toyota phone mount chr 2

toyota phone mount c-hr 2

Photo: Rokform Vent Mount in 2020 Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR’s infotainment system sits on the top of the dashboard, almost completely eliminating the option to mount your phone on top of your dashboard. No worries. With well-placed center air vents that work well with the Vent Mount (pictured above), mount installation is simple. There's also a solid amount of space below the air vents that leave the Low Pro as another option.


Phone Mounts for Toyota Highlander

toyota phone mount highlander 1 toyota phone mount highlander 2toyota phone mount highlander 3

Photo: Rokform Vent Mount mounted inside of a 2020 Toyota Highlander

The latest Highlander model has air vents that are great for the Vent Mount. With long vents, you can place the mount on the top (or bottom) section of your vent and still have plenty of airflow pushing out from the opposite side. Plus, there’s lots of flat, usable space around the infotainment center for those that prefer the Low Pro mount.


Phone Mounts for Toyota Rav4

toyota phone mount rav4 1toyota phone mount rav 4 2toyota phone mount rav4 3

Photo: Rokform Swivel Mount mounted inside of a 2015 Toyota Rav4 XLE

There are a couple of good mounting options for your phone if you drive a Rav4. The flat dashboard surface is perfect for the Swivel Mount. The angle on the air vents means you can also use the Vent Mount for a central view.


toyota phone mount rav4 2020toyota phone mount rav4 2020 2toyota phone mount rav4 2020 3

Photo: Rokform Vent Mount mounted inside 2020 Toyota Rav 4


And the best phone mount for Toyota SUVs is…

As you've probably noticed, our Vent Mount is the stand out mounting accessory when it comes to mounting inside of a Toyota SUV and it's easy to see why. The air conditioning vents inside of Toyota SUVs have ample length or width, which means that when your mount is installed and phone is secure, you're still able to use the vents for temperature control.

Toyota sport utility vehicles are also known for good dashboard surfaces, so the Swivel Mount is a close runner up.


Mount your phone with a magnetic Rokform case

Rugged Case

rokform rugged case

For the optimal use of the mounts above, picking up a Rokform case is essential. The Rugged case (pictured above) is not only the most popular case, it's also the toughest. The built-in magnet will grip to all Rokform mounts we've featured. The Rugged is also handy for tons of other daily uses.


Price: $39.99+

Shop Rokform Rugged Phone Cases



Fuzion Pro Case

fuzion pro case rokform

If you prefer the beefed up version of the Rugged, check out the Fuzion Pro. The case is made from high quality, impact resistant materials, including CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber, plus high quality TPU and tough polycarbonate. The TPU provides shock protection around the entire case, protecting your phone from the most common points of impact. Raised edges offer protection for your screen while the anti-slip grip prevents your case from getting scratched. 



Price: $69.99

Shop Rokform Fuzion Pro Cases


Do you have a different Toyota SUV and mount placement recommendation for us? Take a photo of your set up and share it with us!

Krista A.
Krista A.


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