Rokform VP Steve Petyo's Takeaway from Tools of Titans

Rokform VP Steve Petyo's Takeaway from Tools of Titans

Rokform’s Steve Petyo weighs in on his top 10 takeaways from Section One: Health in Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans.
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Rokform’s Steve Petyo weighs in on his top 10 takeaways from Section One: Health in Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans. We’ve reviewed his chosen sections and offer some subsequent Rokform tools that could benefit you, too.

1. Three Movements Everyone Should Practice (pg. 12)

 Christopher Sommer is a former U.S. National Team gymnastics coach and founder of GymnasticBodies. Per Sommer, three movements everyone should practice include the J-Curl, the Shoulder Extension, and the Thoracic Bridge.

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2. Cold is a Great Purifying Source (pg. 43)

Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder and creator of the Wim Hof Method. According to Hof, cold is a great purifying source as it can improve your immune function, increase your fat loss, and radically elevate your mood. He may take cold to terrifying extremes, but you can start by making the last 30-60 seconds of your shower pure cold.

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3. To Increase T, Decrease C (pg. 78)

Charles Poliquin is one of the most famous strength coaches in the world. He’s trained athletes from nearly 20 different sports and has written over 600 articles on strength training. According to Poliquin, “the best thing to increase testosterone is to lower cortisol”.  Author Tim Ferriss recommends taking phosphatidylserine and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) to mitigate cortisol and increase testosterone levels before bed and even lower anxiety the next day.

4. Poliquin’s Most-Gifted or Recommended Books (pg. 80)

Poliquin also recommends the following three books:

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5. Basic Tenets for Strength (pg. 87)

Pavel Tsatsouline is Chairman of StrongFirst, Inc. and is credited for introducing the kettlebell to the United States.  Among Tsatsouline’s many principles and training materials, his basic tenets for strength include: “If you are training for strength, you want to try and avoid the burn altogether. The burn is your enemy.” and “Training is something that should be enjoyed.”

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6. When in Doubt, Train Your Grip and Core (pg. 89) 

Tsatsouline also addresses how to increase your overall strength. “Strengthening your midsection and your grip will automatically increase your strength in any lift,” Tsatsouline says. Strong abs help with intraabdominal pressure and stability, and a strong grip taps into the phenomenon of irradiation – when tension “radiates” from gripping muscles into other muscles.

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7. Parenting Advice (pg. 96)

 Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece are famous for surfing and volleyball, respectively. They’ve also been married since 1997. In Tools of Titans, they not only discuss exercise, training, and inspiration, but also speak on their best parenting advice.

Laird says, “Loving your children can override a lot of wrongs. (Even if you get some of the specifics wrong or make missteps.)” Gabby says, “We’re inclusive, and we treat them like adults. We’ve always spoken to them like adults…”

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8. Five Morning Rituals That Help Me Win the Day (pg. 143)

Since conducting over 100 interviews, Tim Ferriss has tested many habits to figure out what works best for him. These rituals may not seem like much, but according to Ferriss, “The small things are the big things.” Here’s what he does each morning:

9. Mind Training 101 (pg. 149) 

If Tim Ferriss could choose only one exercise for the mind, it would be meditating for 10 to 20 minutes each day. There are many options to accomplish this, and Ferriss encourages you to give them all a try. Here’s some of what he recommends:

  • Use an app like Headspace or Calm
  • Take a TM course
  • Sit and silently repeat one two-syllable word (like “na-ture”) for 10 to 20 minutes first thing in the morning

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10. Loving-Kindness and the Happiest Day in 7 Years (pg. 157) 

Chade-Meng “Meng” Tan was Google’s 107th employee and created the mindfulness-based emotional intelligence course called Search Inside Yourself, which has been endorsed by the Dalai Lama.

One of Ferriss’s favorite exercises from Meng is a simple 10-second act. Meng instructs the members of his audience to identify two other people and simply think, for both, “I wish for that person to be happy.” What emerges from this exercise is the audience feeling happy, experiencing the joy of loving-kindness.

One time, Meng gave his typical talk in California. After completing this exercise with the audience, he challenged them to do the same the next day while at work. After that day, Meng received an email from an audience member saying that she hated her job, but by discovering the joy of loving-kindness at work, she had her happiest day in 7 years.



In Tools of Titans, Ferriss explains a multitude of routine, rituals, and habits that have helped hundreds of successful people reach that success. In the same way, Rokform offers a slew of tools that help improve lifestyles across the world. Check out the rest of our tools at

VP Petyo, as well as the rest of the Rokform team, has benefited greatly from reading this book and are actively implementing new lessons around the office and in our product innovation. We hope that you grab yourself a copy and learn a few new routines and rituals for yourself.

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