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Top 5 AWESOME Features of the Fuzion+ and Fuzion+ RMS Cases

by Allie Decker May 30, 2014

Top 5 AWESOME Features of the Fuzion+ and Fuzion+ RMS Cases

From the start, Rokform has created cases that are protective and functional. The Fuzion and Fuzion RMS cases for the iPhone 5/5s are no different and offer some unique features. We break down the top five features, and as always, you can check out these cases in action on our YouTube.

iPhone SE/5/5s Fuzion Pro

Fuzion+ Case

  • It’s STRONG! – Aircraft Grade Aluminum

If it’s strong enough for an airplane, it’s strong enough for your phone. We’ve taken crazy strong aluminum and paired it with a high-impact inner TPU shell to protect your device from some of the most extreme drops, shocks, and impacts.

Fuzion Pro Aluminum Case

It’s Strong!

  • It’s Magnetic! – Magnet Mount = Endless Possibilities

Both the Fuzion+ and Fuzion+ RMS cases come with a magnet mount. Suddenly your phone is propelled to an all-around mounting machine! You’ll find yourself wondering which metal surfaces it will mount to. And you’ll be hard pressed not to get a second look when your phone is mounted to the side of your car.

Fuzion Pro Magnetic Case

It’s Magnetic!

  • It Mounts! – Fuzion+ RMS Mounting Solutions

Rokform recently received a U.S. Patent for its Rokform Mounting System that allows you to easily mount your integrated RMS to any of our mountable accessories like the Bike Mount or the Stroller Mount.

iPhone Bike Mount

It Mounts!

  • It’s All-Around AWESOME! – Six-sided protection

The Fuzion+ cases have you covered from every angle. From back to front, side-to-side, we’ve put the case to the test from a six-foot drop. And many of our customers have put their cases through testing of their own and lived to tell the tale!

iPhone SE/5/5s Fuzion Case

It’s All-Around AWESOME!

  • It’s American! – Designed in the USA

That’s right. Our products are designed and engineered in the USA. Our headquarters are in the heart of Orange County, California and we work hard to ensure a stellar product!

Made in the USA

It’s American!

BONUS: One more “trick” feature: It’s Got Carbon Fiber! – Enough Said!

Carbon Fiber iPhone Case

It has Carbon Fiber!

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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