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Fuzion Pro Case - iPhone XS Max


  • The Fuzion Pro Case - iPhone XS Max RED is currently on Pre-Order and is expected to ship January 25th, 2019.

    *Your credit card will be charged at the time that your order is placed to hold your spot in line.

    The Fuzion PRO Case is built to exceed military drop test standards and is made from materials like real Carbon Fiber and Aircraft Grade aluminum. This Fuzion of materials allows form to beautifully meet function with Rokform's magnetic technology and RokLock twist lock mount built in. You'll discover new ways to use your phone, at work, or for play with our high performance bike and motorycycle mounts, or in your car or truck for hands-free navigation and more!

    • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: Precision CNC Machined and Hand Assembled, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and tough TPU makes this case as good as it looks.
    • SIX SIDED PROTECTION: Exceeds Military Drop Test Standard MIL-STD 801G-516.6 for worry free use and abuse
    • EASY TO USE TWIST LOCK SYSTEM: Allows you to safely mount your phone to a variety of accessories for bikes, cars, motorcycles and more
    • MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY: Easily stick your phone to almost any magnetic surface. Safe for all iPhones
    • TOUGH AND DURABLE: But thin and light enough for everyday use and backed by a 2 Year warranty
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    • iPhone XS Max Fuzion Pro Case
    • Instruction sheet insert
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What colors does it come in?

    1. We have a range of colors, just choose the one you want above and proceed to checkout!

    Is the case waterproof?

    1. Our case is not waterproof but the iPhone XS Max is water resistant so you no longer have to use a bulky waterproof case that you can’t hear out of to get the protection you need in case your phone gets wet. Yeah!

    Is this case compatiable with screen protectors?

      Yes. You can use a Rokform RokGlass screen protector or most others. We have not found one yet that does not work with our case.

    Do you make this case for the iPhone 6, 7 or 8?

    1. Yes. You can find all of the phones we make this case for here.

    What is your warranty?

    1. All Rokform products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Our 5 Star Customer service team based at our headquarters in Orange County, California is always ready to help (check our Yelp reviews). If it’s a warranty replacement, spare part, question or anything in between our goal is to make every customer a customer for life. If are the original purchaser of our product and you have a problem, call us and we will fix it. Give us a try and see, or run on over and visit us in our showroom!”
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    • Your credit card will be charged at the time that your order is placed to hold your spot in line.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 429 reviews
Rok On!

Really great quality and super easy to install. Paired it with the motorcycle perch mount. Very pleased with the product and would definitely recommend. Awesome customer service and fast delivery as well!

Awesome case

The Fuzin Pro case fits the phone perfect and looks awesome. Well worth every penny to protect the phone. And paired with the car mount works better than I expected.

Excellent Product

So far it's meeting all my expectations

Best Case Ever!

New phone, so new Fuzion case. Wouldn't dream of having anything else! I can't live without my magnetic mounts and I have gotten so many people to convert to Rokform. I ride horses and I'm pretty tough on my phones. My 7 plus was protected by Rokform from day one (case & screen) and 2 years later it looks brand new despite lots of drops. Gave it to a family member along with the case and a mount for his car and he's now a convert.
Just received my Fuzion for my XS Max and I'm thrilled. Also the best customer service on the planet.

Case Closed!

Best case available on the market today. I use the hole for my lanyard and it’s really a great feature.

Iphone 8 Fuzion Pro Case

I regularly get complimented on my case. Everyone in my family has one.

Best Gift

My husband keeps raving that it’s the best present he got this Christmas!! Totally worth the money!


Best case I have ever owned. Have had 8 cases now and won’t by anything else.

Returning customer

I have had the fusion on my iPhone 6 for years and it has done great! My phone is like new and the case hardly looks worn. My wife and I just upgraded to the XS and we both went with rockform case and put mounts in all of our cars, trucks and even the boat. GREAT American made product!!


Flipped my suv off the interstate and rolled it 4 1/4 times down an embankment. My phone, adorned in this case (minus the screen protection), apparently launched out of the broken sunroof during the crash. Temporarily lost as it landed in a construction site, but eventually recovered by way the "find my phone" app, my phone (screen and all) was entirely unscathed and in perfect working order. Can't help but think this case had something to do with that.

Hi Jon, We are sorry to hear about your accident but glad you hear you and your phone are ok!