Rugged Portable Wireless Charger


    • Portable Wireless Charger goes anywhere
    • 4,000 mAh of wireless charging might
    • Charge two devices at once through USB and wireless charging
    • Thin and lightweight, goes anywhere
    • Rugged drop protection
    • IP65 Water Resistant
    • Rugged Portable Wireless Charger
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    What's in the box
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it water resistant?

    1. With the rubber seal fully closed and sealed it is iP65 water resistant however it is not designed for use underwater.

    Approximate talk time increase on popular phones:

    1. iPhone 6/7/8, 6/7/8 Plus, X/XS, XS Max, XR 28-31 hours Galaxy S8, S8 Plus 24-25 Hours Galaxy S9, S9 Plus 36-37 Hours Note 8, Note 9 24-26 Hours

    Does it include a cable?

    1. Yes, it includes a 3 foot long nylon braided micro USB cable to charge the powerbank.

    Is the internal battery removable?

    1. No. The Reactor Powerbank is a completely sealed enclosure and the internal battery is not removable.

    Can I charge the battery with a wall charger?

    1. Yes

    Will this charge a Kindle?

    1. Yes

    Will this charge a tablet?

    1. Yes. It will charge phones and tablets.

    Do I need to buy any accessories, so this works with my iPad?

    1. No. Your Apple cable will work.

    Does the Reactor come with a wall charger?

    1. No but we supply a cable to plug into your Samsung or Apple phone wall charger or you can plug the cable into your computer.

    How big is it?

    1. About the same size as an iPhone X with a case installed. Dimensions L= 6.1” (154mm) / W= 3” (78mm) / Thickness= .58” (15mm)

    How much does it weigh?

    1. 6.44 ounces / 183 grams

    How many USB ports does it have?

    1. 1 USB output for charging a device and 1 micro USB input for charging the Powerbank. The Reactor can also charge wireless compatible devices wirelessly and itself wirelessly with a 10watt wireless charger.

    Will this charge an Android phone?

    1. Yes, it will charge Android and iOS phones as well as other USB equipped devices like tablets.

    Will it Power a device while the Reactor itself is charging?

      1. It will charge the device first and then charge itself.

    What is Wireless compatible?

        1. A wireless enabled device that has the ability to charge wirelessly.

    What can it charge?

      1. All iPhones and tablets, all android phones, all tablets. If it does not charge your phone or tablet, return it for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rugged portable wireless charger

This charger has been great. It’s really convenient not having to carry around a charging cable. I would highly recommend this product.

Fast and easy

Love this charger. Easy to pack for traveling. Works great and charges very fast.

Good job.

Works great


Works great

Love the new power pack

Finally received the new wireless power pack and I love it! I just throw it in my backpack and I'm good to spend the weekend outdoors and not have to worry about my iPhone running out of power. Thanks Rokform.

Portable charger

So far so good. Works with my iPhone X with an otterbox no problem. 4 vs 5 stars only because you have to push the button to tell it to charge wirelessly. Not sure what the thinking behind that was. It’s a minor inconvenience, but other wireless chargers activate when you set the phone down. It only matters if I pick up the phone half asleep and set it back down and forget to push the button.

Love this charger!!!

I received this charger about a 2 weeks ago and I am happy with my purchase. I travel a lot and love the compact light weight design. I would highly recommend it!!!

Amazing battery capacity and flawless wireless charging

Thank you. The design is super cool and the battery capacity is excellent. Very happy with this unit.

Loving my new Rugged wireless charger!!!

I received my portable wireless charger about a week ago. I use it almost daily and I am super happy with my purchase. The light weight & compact design is fantastic and not having to mess with a charger cord anymore makes it even better. My other portable charger was extremely heavy compared to the Rockform. I would highly recommend this product!!


Rugged portable wireless charger