Dual Magnet Universal Adapter

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  • You have better things to hold on to than your phone case. Free up your hands and be more productive with the Dual Magnet Universal Adapter by Rokform. Engineered to provide magnetic mounting to virtually any device, the Dual Magnet Universal Adapter features two magnets for the ultimate hold. Installation takes just minutes using powerful 3M adhesive.

    With a secure hold, just an arm's reach away, you can drive in style with peace of mind, improve your game, enjoy music wherever you go, and so much more.

    Equip yourself with the tools you need to stay focused on what's in front of you. Stick your device onto any magnetic surface, including toolboxes, gym equipment, golf carts, refrigerators, and a whole lot more.

    • UNIVERSAL FIT - Use to mount smartphones, tablets, and more
    • 2X MAGNETIC HOLD - 2 magnets for double magnetic strength
    • VERSATILE USE - Sticks to any magnetic surface, including toolbox, golf carts, refrigerator, gym equipment, and more
    • SLIM DESIGN - Slim build does not add any bulk
    • EASY INSTALL - Install within minutes using strong 3M adhesive
    • COMPATIBLE - Works with all Rokform magnetic mounts
    • Dual Magnet Universal Adapter
    • 2x Safe Neodymium Magnet
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this mount compatible with the Rokform Motorcycle Mount?

    • No, the Dual Magnet Universal Adapter is not compatible with any of the Rokform Motorcycle Mounts.

    Is the Dual Magnet Universal Adapter compatible with the Rokform Bike Mounts?

    • No, the Dual Magnet Universal Adapter is not compatible with any of the Rokform Bike Mounts.

    Can this be added to a case from any manufacturer?

    • Yes, as long as the surface is smooth and flat this will stick to any phone case to give you the magnet power of Rokform.

    Does the Dual Magnet Universal Adapter come with any mounts?

    • No, but you can use it with any of our Rokform Magnet Mounts.

    Can the Dual Magnet Adapter be removed and placed on another case?

    • The 3M adhesive is very strong but it will come off however once removed you will need to replace the adhesive. If you need additional adhesive you can call us at 855-765-3676 and we sell replacements at a nominal cost.

    Which way do the magnets face?

    • The magnet pad is South. North is touching the device.

    How big are the magnets?

    • Each N52 Neodymium magnet is 2.5mm thick x 29mm in diameter

    What is it made out of?

    • Textured High Strength polycarbonate and durable TPU. The magnets are N52 Neodymium and the adhesive is 3M 4941.

    Will this allow for wireless charging on my phone?

    • NO. The magnets will interfere and not allow for wireless charging.

    Can I still use Apple Pay and the other functions on my phone?

    • Yes, it will not affect Apple pay, GPS, WiFi, or Bluetooth

    Will the magnets harm my credit cards?

    • No. The magnets do not harm credit cards. Magnets can however wipe a hotel key and some gift cards.

    I have an implanted device, can I still use this?

    • NO. Do not use if you have an implanted device. Or consult your Doctor.

    How much weight can the magnets hold?

    • Each N52 Magnet is rated at 7lbs. of pull when behind 1mm of TPU. This mount will easily hold most phones over moderate terrain. It will also hold tablets and heavier items on stationary items only.

    How well will it stick to my phone or case?

    • If properly applied it will stick and not come off. We use 3M™ VHB™ Tape 4941 and it is extremely strong as long as the surface below is cleaned properly and does not have any dirt, grease, dust, or a porous surface. We supply a special cleaning wipe but for extremely dirty surfaces, more cleaning will be required. Use rubbing alcohol and make sure the surface is completely dry before application. We have had some customers report that their mount did not stick but 99 times out of 100 they either did not clean the surface, firmly press the mount for 30-60 seconds or wait long enough for the tape to cure. This is a high-performance tape and it needs firm pressure on the while smoothing it on firmly for at least 30-60 seconds. After 20 minutes at room temperature it will have 50% of its strength, 90% after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours per 3M® specifications. NOTE: In approx. 20 minutes it will achieve 50% strength and be ready to use. Bottom line, 99% of customers never experience any issues with adhesion. In the rare case that it does not hold the first time, we can send a free replacement, just call 855-765-3676.

WARNING for California residents. Learn More.

Customer Reviews

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Dual Magnet Universal Adapter

Sturdy and well made

The product uses quality moulding tape to stick on your device. It also feels and looks like it is made of good quality materials. My only qualm on it is it's a tad bulky. Other than that, it works well to stick on the rig while working out!


Strong magnets stuck toThe side of my work truck for over 30 miles by accident... Didn't budge at all..I love it

Next best thing...

If RokForm doesn't make a case for your model phone this adapter is the next best thing. When I had a RokForm case I bought a lot of RokForm accessories like the magnetic mounts. I loved them all. Then I got a new phone and couldn't get a case. I was upset that I had made such an investment in the accessories and now they were useless. BUT once I got this adapter I was able to use all my accessories again. The magnet is powerful

super nice

love having it on my dashboard, it never moves or falls off like the ones at auto parts stores, super sturdy and very strong.

Great addition to my iPad

Needed a mount for my iPad Pro 12.9 so I bought 2 of these magnet mounts that work with my case. These work great!

Will definitely get another!

This magnet has been the one thing that I never knew I needed but now can't live without. I no longer lift at the gym in fear that I will drop something on my phone and it literally attaches everywhere making life easier and so many more things hands free. I already have ideas for a dozen other items to add this powerful magnet too.

solid and sticks nicely

got the dual magnet adapter for my wife as she missed her old Rokform case. Easy enough to apply after giving it a quick cleaning with the supplied wipe. She is happy to have the magnetic ability back, only drawback is the weight it added to her phone. Either way, she'd rather have the extra weight and be able to stick the phone anywhere.


Dual Magnet Universal Adapter

Strong magnets working great!

Love the magnets, the unit is a big thicker than I expected.