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New Product Alert: Pop Twist - PopSockets Adapter [COMING SOON]

by Krista A. August 07, 2019

New Product Alert: Pop Twist - PopSockets Adapter [COMING SOON]

Always have a grip on your phone with the new Pop Twist Adapter for PopSockets.

It’s a grip. It’s a stand. It’s a mount. Introducing the Pop Twist PopSockets Adapter—a brand new accessory in the Rokform lineup that is adding yet ANOTHER level of function to already high-performing Rokform smartphone cases. Learn more about our newest product here and the sign up for the wait list so you receive it when it finally hits our store.


3 things to know about the Pop Twist PopSockets Adapter

The Adapter can be installed onto Rokform smartphone cases with a RokLock mount built in. This includes the Rugged, Crystal, and Fuzion Pro collections.

A magnetic plate is built into the Pop Twist Adapter, enabling you to mount your phone onto any magnetic Rokform car mounts, such as the Vent Mount, Swivel Mount, and Low Pro, without having to remove the Pop Twist from your case.

The Rokform Pop Twist Adapter works with any PopSockets grip. Note: a PopSockets grip is not included when you purchase the adapter.


So, what is a PopSocket?

It’s quite possible you’ve never heard the term “PopSocket” before, but you’ve definitely seen one or two around. A PopSocket is a circular accessory that is attached to electronic devices (most often cell phones or tablets) that can be collapsed and expanded. They’ve only been around since 2014 but quickly gained a following as one of the most popular accessories for smartphones and other electronic devices. In a collapsed state, it just looks like a circle-shaped sticker on the back of your phone. It’s in its expanded form that it really shines as a multi-use tool.


How does the Pop Twist Adapter work?

pop twist rokform popsocket how it works

PopSockets have grown in popularity largely because of the added functionality they bring to any phone case. The Pop Twist Adapter basically adds the PopSocket functionality to Rokform cases. The shape of the PopSocket makes it much easier to grip you phone, preventing accidental drops from occurring. When expanded or “popped out”, a PopSocket can also function as a phone stand so you can enjoy watching videos on your phone hands free. And lastly, the metal plate that’s included in the box makes it easy to mount your Rokform case onto our car mounts without having to remove the Pop Twist Adapter.


Installation Instructions

Installing the Pop Twist Adapter is easy. When installing the Pop Twist for the first time, you should start by cleaning both surfaces with a cleaning wipe (included in the box). Once cleaned and dry, firmly attach the PopSocket onto the Rokform Pop Twist Adapter.

Afterwards, simply line up the Twist Lock opening on the Pop Twist with your Rokform case and do a clockwise quarter-turn to lock it in. That’s it!

If you need to mount your case onto another Rokform mount, just do another quarter turn counter clockwise to unlock the the Pop Twist Adapter from your phone case.


Pre-Orders for the Pop Twist PopSocket Adapter begin mid-August. Join the interest list today and be one of the first Rokform customers to rock the Pop Twist Adapter!



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Krista A.
Krista A.


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