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Rokform's Best Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

by Ashley Schiermeyer November 29, 2016

Rokform's Best Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

Thanksgiving is here! If you’re reading this, then you’re already ahead of the game trying to get your golf buddy the best gift ever! If they’ve never used a Rokform product, here is your chance to BLOW THEM AWAY with your thoughtful gift. This past spring, Rokform updated its popular Golf Shooter and it’s a win-win for every golfer in your family.

Rokform Golf Shooter - $99.99

Rokform Golf Shooter

Since the trend of “bigger is better” in the smartphone world, Rokform updated its Golf Shooter to ensure every phone could take advantage of the accessory. The shooter utilizes the magnet mount of the Multi-Tool, which is attached to a stylish stem that goes into the ground. Then turn on your camera and start shooting your swing for instant feedback at the range! Once you’re done filming, take the Multi-Tool off and use it as a bottle opener. Yeah, it’s that great!

Rokform Multi-Tool - $49.99

Rokform's Multi Tool

If your golfing buddy already has the Rokform Golf Shooter with the first generation adapter, you can easily buy them a Multi-Tool to update their existing shooter. The Multi-Tool is so much more than just an adapter for the Golf Shooter. This accessory was designed with several function in mind (hence the name) starting with an easy to use stand. Prop your phone up in landscape or portrait mode to get a better view of the screen while hanging out at your desk or in the kitchen cooking dinner. The Multi-Tool also is a tripod adapter and can be hooked onto your keychain. But most of all, we love that it bring it all together as a bottle opener. You’ll be a hero every time!

Tin Cup Golf Ball Marking System - Stars & Stripes - $21.99

Golf Ball Marker

It’s easy to get your ball confused with your buddy, but not after getting them the Tin Cup Golf Ball Marking System. This stencil-like ball marker gives the most personal and patriotic touch that will be easy to identify when deciding who’s ball made it closer to the green. (We know it’s your ball that is always closest)

Animal Headcovers by JP Lann - $18.95

Golf Club Cover

With over a dozen styles to choose from, the Animal Headcovers from JP Lann will keep your woods safe and warm while providing that personal touch. From a polar bear to a caddy-shack inspired gopher, there is something that will be appreciated from your golf buddy.

Golf Bag Rain Hood - $29.99

Golf Bag Rain Cover

When golfing in places like Florida or Hawaii, it’s not uncommon to get caught out in a quick rain storm while playing a round of 18. The Seaforth Rain Gear Golf Bag Hood will keep your clubs dry while you wait it out under the cover of the golf cart. And then you’ll be ready to get back in the game as soon as the showers pass, like nothing even happened!

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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