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September’s Limited Edition v3 Spooky Cases

by Allie Decker September 24, 2013

September’s Limited Edition v3 Spooky Cases

Every month, we like to reward our customers with a Limited Edition case. Maybe one color is just too plain for your tastes, or maybe you need a case for each occasion. We completely understand, and have the same feeling. That is why, each month, we offer Limited Edition cases in specific color schemes at a reduced rate.

Looking back through orders and color combinations made popular by our customer base, we decide which combinations would be popular enough to offer at a cheap price. As a direct result of that process, the Gunmetal and Orange cases are back as labeled – “by popular demand!”

To acquire a case in a specific color scheme, we offer custom case designs for our product line. In fact, we just recently launched the iPhone 5 RokShield v3 Custom Shop, which allows the customer to decide the color of four individual v3 case pieces. More importantly, all of our iPhone 5 products are completely compatible with the newly released 5s.

Back to our Limited Edition cases. They are offered online for the month in which they are announced and September is a perfect month to stock up on fall inspired colors. We seem to get a very jack-o-lantern feel from the current selection and look forward to seeing customer photographs of these cases in the wild.

One further defining characteristic of the “limited” release is the device list. We offer the Limited Edition cases for specific devices each month and for September, our Halloween-ready items are being delivered for Rokbed v3 Galaxy S4, Rokbed v3 iPhone 4/s and RokShield v3 iPhone 5/s. To highlight the new iPhone 5/s launch, you can choose between orange-on-gunmetal or gunmetal-on-orange as your color preference. …and if that wasn’t enough, when ordering either the iPhone 4/s or 5/s version, we are throwing in a Car Mount for free! Happy iPhone Month!


Speaking of the Car Mount, Rokform cases are injection molded to work specifically with a complete system of optional accessories. The items range from a v3 BikeMount to tripod adapter kit and all things in between. We always like to brag about our Rokmeister, which quickly opens adult beverages on the beach, the boat, or, considering it is winter, the ski slope.

Make sure to begin your fall celebration with a new Limited Edition case in September and, for the iPhone users among us, pick up a free Car Mount in the process. Again, these cases are offered at a discount, but only for a short period of time. The savvy customers in the bunch subscribe to our newsletter and get about a two-week jump on the less informed. To help you grab a shiny new case and join the newsletter club, here is the sign up link for our announcements. Get on the band wagon and we will help you out with a quick 10% discount, just for becoming one of the team.

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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