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Surviving a Long Day of Pokémon Go Action!

by Ashley Schiermeyer July 21, 2016

Surviving a Long Day of Pokémon Go Action!

Unless you’ve been on vacation without any cell phone service, you’ve likely heard about the newest craze called Pokemon Go. It’s the first successful use of augmented reality for gaming on your phone and the best part about Pokemon Go is that it gets you off your butt and out of the house.

As more and more people play this adventure game, it’s not too long before you realize that your adventure can be cut short due to the Pokemon Go battery drain issue. has a nice article about how to extend Pokemon battery life, but let’s be honest...that only gets you so far.

If you’ve been a Rokform user before, you know the array of great accessories that complement the versatile cases. One of those amazing accessories that will directly help your Pokemon Go gaming experience is the Battery BackPack. This charging pack attaches straight to your device using the RokLock mount and can charge your iPhone 6/6s up to 2x per battery pack life. What is better than that? (Ok maybe chocolate and pizza, or even whitewater rafting, but continuous battery life is pretty awesome!)

Getting ready for some even better news because Rokform has created the Pokemon Go Starter Pack. It includes the Crystal Case and the BackPack for just $99.99. That is basically getting a FREE case with your battery purchase. The only question we have is...are you ready for non-stop Pokemon Go?

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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