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The Ageless Smartphone Dock

by Allie Decker October 23, 2013

The Ageless Smartphone Dock

Generation after generation, our devices change. Not only their processors, software, and battery capacity, but also their shape, size, screen and other hardware measurements. Smartphone companies pride themselves on producing the next, best, and greatest eye candy on the market. Some manufacturers change their device two or three times per year!

We know it can be frustrating every time a new phone is released. The accessories, over a two-year period, can quickly add up to a few hundred dollars. Then, after waiting in line for that shiny new piece of palm candy, the process begins. Buying all new hardware to, well, go with your new hardware. Even the cables might need to be replaced–thanks, Lightning cable.

However, there is one accessory style that never needs replacing. One steadfast warrior that will exist for the extent of all smartphone generations. It never needs to change. It never needs replacing. It never cares how long the battery lasts, how many megapixels the camera uses, or how fast the processor runs speedtest.net. The time-tested Titan is the smartphone dock.

 Rokstand for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

It just so happens, Rokform specializes in the smartphone dock. Both the RokDock and RokStand are hyper-masculine, rugged docks for your smartphone. These stands are for the phone dock connoisseur. For customers who truly appreciate finely crafted aluminum products, our stands do not simply cradle a phone. These stands make a statement, begging for attention as they sit atop a desk, nightstand, or counter.

RokStand is CNC machined from Billet 6061-T Aluminum with a fresh anodized finish. A precision high-speed bearing and cam adjustment hold either an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 at six different angled adjustments. The built-in sound enhancing ports line up precisely with the speaker grills to project sound forward, instead of trapping the waves in a cupped bottom. A Lightning or 30 pin cable divot is carefully carved into the base to make the stand into a charging dock when necessary. If you are looking for a travel companion, there is also a portable version of the RokStand.

iPhone RokDock 

The RokDock is a monster, three-pound precisely crafted brick of billet aluminum. Extra heft provides the resistance needed to offer a clean lift, even if the device is charging in the dock. The base screws into the center and top halves, which allows the user to install either an iPhone or micro USB charging cable. The adjustable insert ensures a customized fit for even non-Rokform cases and non-slip grips prevent scratching smooth surfaces. RokDock is available for both iPhone and Galaxy devices.

Both docks are designed for an ageless exception. These products are able to withstand the turning of progressive time and more advanced hardware. Granted, if the phablet phase continues to rage onward, we may need to make a few tweaks here and there. But, trust us. The docks are singular works of aluminum art and an excellent addition to any serious tech lover’s desktop arsenal.

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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