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The Bike Handlebar Mount

by Krista A. August 29, 2019

The Bike Handlebar Mount

The Sport Bike Handlebar Mount is the secure and compact mounting solution for people who want to move around hands-free. Today we’re highlighting the most talked about features on the Handlebar Mount for bikes (and more!).


Designed for secure use

The patent pending locking design is simple to both install and use. Once installed the mount’s minimal design keeps it looking clean while maintaining a low-profile on your bike – most people won’t even notice it! Secure your Rokform-protected case (not included) onto the mount using a quarter turn to lock the case in. When installed properly, your phone will stay in place with no vibration and no moving around, so you can focus on the path ahead of you.


Keep your eyes on what matters

Sometimes all we need to truly get lost in the enjoyment of a two-wheeled adventure is piece of mind that your items are securely stashed and that GPS directions are just a glance away. So why do so many people continue to nervously stick their phones into pants pockets and just hope they won’t fall out? The Handlebar Mount lets you keep your eyes on what matters while giving you easy access to your phone for turn-by-turn directions, music, and more.


The perfect phone mount isn’t just for your bike

One of the best benefits of the handlebar mount? It’s portable, so you can use it as you move from one adventure to the next. With the ability to install onto any bar sized 7/8” to 1 ¼”, it’s easy to move between road bikes, mountain bikes, golf carts, strollers, scooters, and more within seconds.

We'll be featuring our other bike mount, V4 Pro Series Bike Mount, soon - the V4 installs directly onto the top of the steer tube. Some people prefer to keep both styles on hand because the Handlebar Mount is especially useful for travel or when your bike model isn't compatible with the V4 mount.


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Krista A.
Krista A.


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