What Dad Wants! – Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Allie Decker June 09, 2016

What Dad Wants! – Father’s Day Gift Guide

What Dad Wants! – Father’s Day Gift Guide

If your dad is like ours, he’s seemingly impossible to shop for. If he wants it, he usually gets it on his own and leaves you with less than a few options for a Father’s Day gift that will WOW. To help you out we’ve created some options that could achieve WOW-ness. So ditch those boring gift guides that just feature a watch, hat and tie - this is a must-see list!

Brew His Own Beer

Brew your own beer

Brewing your own beer might seem like an impossible feat when your work title doesn’t include Brewmaster. Don’t worry! Many breweries around the country are opening their doors to the amateur beer makers (that’s me and you) so we can experience the creation process, instead of just the consuming process. And that’s the fun part of this gift – it’s an experience.

With an easy google search in your area, you’ll likely find a place that offers up brewing packages like Huntington Beach-based BrewBakers.

Rokform Multi-Tool

Rokform Multi-Tool

If you want a Rokform gift to complement the Brewing Experience, this Multi-Tool has a lot to offer. For the beer drinker, priority number one is getting that cap off. But in addition to being a bottle opener, it is a nice stand for your Rokform protected phone as well as a tripod adapter. 

Mini Materials Cinder Blocks Pallet

Mini Materials Cinder Blocks

If you’re a fan of things gone miniature, the Mini Materials site has a bunch of “manly” small scaled items. The 1:12 scale miniature cinder blocks on a pallet are a pretty trick desk piece that also doubles as a coaster.

Rokform Aluminum Charger

Rokform Car Charger

It’s often on the trip home from work that you’re suddenly noticing the battery symbol lighting up red! Rokform’s sleek looking Aluminum Car Charger is a nice addition to your dads ride that will get him home without the worry of running out of a charge. It comes in three colors too!

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Polaroid Zip Printer 

It’s more convenient than ever to snap photos and share them with the world, thanks to cell phones. But if you think dad is feeling nostalgic and would love to see some photos hanging on the fridge, look to the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. Yes Polaroid is doing its best to keep up with that “instant” demand, creating this surprisingly small, instant printer. Connect your phone to the ZIP printer via Bluetooth and you’ll be in picture printing heaven.

Rokform Stowaway Case

Stowaway Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Been trying to get dad to trim down his George Costanza wallet? Before it explodes, get him the Rokform Stowaway Case. He’ll get a few pockets to store money and credit cards, while getting the functionality that Rokform cases are known for – Rokform Mounting System and magnet mount!

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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