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Very happy

This is the first time I bought the perch mount. It is easy to install and it holds the phone very well I love it. Looks like it’s part of the bike.

Yes, yes, yes and Yes!

I ordered the stem mount for my motorcycle and it was super easy to mount! The material is amazing…I don’t have to worry about my phone coming off whizzing down the road. I ordered the phone case, screen protector and the wallet as well. I have a huge wallet and it fit all my cards in it. I’m super happy with my purchase. No more worrying about my phone falling out of my pants when I am riding!


Worked perfectly for my 2005 Honda Hornet 919 due to the way the handlebars are angled. Worth the money! Thank you!!!

Handle bar mount

The mount works great, riding wheelies on my Harley is pretty rough on other mounts I’ve had over the years but this one is holding up.

Works As Designed

With upgrading my HD to a Stage IV engine I have a bit more vibration than normal and this resolved the vibration on my phone. The Dampener was a quick easy install. So far two thumbs up.

10 out of 10

I have bought Rokform products for my phones, motorcycles and now have their products in my truck too. Using Magnets is pure Genius and Rokform nails a sleek design with versatility and adaptability in mind. After years of use from in construction my phones have been protected by their cases and love . I almost wish I could remove the bottom magnet and put another sport ring on but maybe that’s just over doing it 😝

Great product

I love the case I love the mount. I will be using this on a daily whether it’s for a long distance trip or for going to work. The case is pretty sturdy and it has a lanyard in case anything happens it’s an extra security.


Nice upgrade to the motorcycle mount triple tree What’s better than the original design this should come with the mount from the start

Tread Tunes

Mounted on Treadmill! Let’s Move! Awesome addition!

Finally, the addition to motorcycle gear everyone asked for!

This has been awesome! Between the locking tab and the cam that's easier on the case it is a sorely needed addition. Bonus! My phones camera doesn't go bananas any more!

Yet Another Great Rokform Product

I have been using Rokform cases for years and have always loved the products and durability. Ofcourse when I bought my motorcycle one of the first things I knew I needed was a Rokform mount to go with the phone case I use. As expected it is great sturdy product with great craftsmanship. The mount works perfect. I’m still sold on everything Rockform. Worth every dollar.

Best case with magnet

The most reliable case, 2 magnets, very convenient, and attached to any iron product.
My favorite case!

Sturdy and Convenient

The convenience of being able to just slap your phone on it and lock it in place is fantastic. I have it mounted on my dashboard so I can use GPS as well (I work on oil sites so I use GPS a lot) all while it charges. However charging is pretty slow, but thankfully it doesn’t make my phone hot like other wireless chargers.

Seems like a great addition

I have been using the Rokform motorcycle mount for a few years now. It’s been outstanding. I’d always heard that the vibration would eventually cause problems for our expensive phones, so once I saw that this little add on was released, I added it to my mount.

I like how it mounts and the phone feels solid at the attachment point, while still being more flexible for anti vibration purposes. So far so good! Feels like it’ll do the trick to keep my phone secure, yet protected from vibration.

Thank you, Rokform

Great little swivel

Able to get most good positions from a 90deg drop on an edge to an offset angle for dual point usage. Works great as my new goto mount.

Sticks to metal things really well!

This is a really quality and strong case. It also has a really beefy magnet in the lower back section that allows a strong connection to most anywhere (with metal anyways). It’s a bit of a struggle to take on and off of my phone, but it’s not that big of a deal since most cases are like that. Overall great product! :)

Rok Solid Motorcycle I Phone Case

I have had multiple i phone brackets for my 09 Street Glide but the stability between the Rok Form bracket and phone case has made me not even give my phone’s safety another thought even at interstate speeds. Absolutely wonderful, high quality products.

Perfect in form and function!

Several months ago after buying my Rokform motorcycle mount and realizing it had no dampening I reached out to customer service. The agent, I wish I could remember her name, said “it’s in the works and we will send you one as soon as they’re available”. It arrived last week, easy swap out with the old regular mounting piece which took less than 5 minutes. Interestingly it creates an even more solid and sure mounting point because a press of the tab to release the phone is required to remove the phone once it is secured. I have been a Rokform user for several years and this is one of their best products to date!

Perfect fix to vibration toasting your phones!

One more photo with phone mounted to mount with vibration dampener.

The only phone mount you need

I have bought multiple mounts from rokform as well as their phone case for my phone. The phone case by itself is awesome! I have had this case going on 3 years. this case is the sole reason i have not had to replace my phone in that 3 year period. this is a new personal best for me! i have also bought the perch mount for my Harley and most recently the handlebar mount for my Yamaha. I will never look anywhere else for mounting options, rokform is just that good. yes they be more money, but its worth every penny. if you care about your phone and want peace of mind while riding. . .then what are you waiting for get a Rokform!

Great wireless charger

This is amazing all you have to do is just click it and forget it your phone will be charge at your next destination

Best case for the ohone

A good friend of mine Kenny Stilts turned me on to you product on my last phone , amazing quality for sure. I been in the world of extreme sports and as well a contractor. Put my phone through the works . Glad to have your case on my phone. Thanks 👊👊

Survived my Bike Wreck!!!

Amazing case, I had the phone magnetized to my fuel tank with the lanyard wrapped around a handle bar since I bought the wrong type of mount for my bike. When I had a lady pull out in front of me going 45 mph, my collar bone was broken but my phone was not. I will swear by this product for life.

Works great in my airplane!

I’m using this handlebar phone mount in the cockpit of my 1941 Piper Cub. Works perfectly for my iPhone 12 ProMax allowing me to get great inflight video.
Rokform very kindly provided me with the mount arm and iPhone case without magnets to preclude any compass interference.
Customer service was beyond excellent !!!

Exceeded expectations

The perch mount was easy to install, and doesn’t get in the way of your controls like you’d think. Great case, honestly didn’t know it had a magnet on the back at the bottom until I laid my phone near my tank and it stuck to it…pretty cool!