Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount

SKU: 332001P

    • Easily mounts to any flat Surface - options are endless - office, car, home, shop
    • Large enough to hold the iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Plus, iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max but still discreet at less than 1"
    • 15 lb. Pull, to securely hold heavier devices
    • Magnetically safe, will Not affect your GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, credit cards, Apple Pay, data transfer or the Camera on your Device
    • Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount
    • Cleaning Wipe
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Avoid spending your hard earned money on a Hands-Free ticket! Use the Rokform Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount to access your GPS or music, screen or answer calls safely. Arriving to your destination is half the fun when you cruise with the Rokform Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount. Use your smartphone as your guide- simply snap your device on, input your endpoint to your favorite navigation app and you are good to go. With the Rokform Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount, you will always arrive safely and on time.


Since 2011, Rokform has been the pioneers of Safe Magnetic Mounting. The Rokform Low Pro Magnetic Mount is guaranteed safe, and will not affect your GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Credit Cards, Apple pay, Data Transfer or the Camera on your device.


The discreet, 1" Rokform Low Pro Magnetic Mount is made from a 15 lb. rare earth magnet which creates an extremely strong, secure pull. You can be assured that when you use this magnet mount with your favorite mountable Rokform case, your device will remain firmly in place.


The Rokform Low Pro Magnetic Mount is great for use just about anywhere! From the office to the car or around the garage or house, simply peel to reveal the 3M™ tape, stick to a clean, flat, hard surface, and let the magnets get to work.

WARNING for California residents. Learn More.

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Jack C.
I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter!

This is the greatest magnet in the world! Whodahthunk to put sticky tape on the back of a magnet and stick it to a dashboard!? Thus and so one may be able to take their magnetized phone case and stick it to their dashboard!
I am highly attracted to my Low Pro Magnetic Car Dash Mount. I like mounting it and when we’re alone I sing it songs.

Nelson R.

Good tool to have in your vehicle if you dont want to use the other options. This could work at home too!

Ronald W.
Great case!!!

Upgraded phone….new case. Don’t see me ever using another case. Magnetic function is infinitely useful and keeps the phone secure.

Renee K.

This little magnet is powerful and unobtrusive. I was able to find space to mount it where it doesn’t take up my visual space or block my vents. It sticks to the surface and the phone sticks to it.

Samuel P.
Lovin it

Went on easy. Phone doesnt fall off when hitting bumps

Anthony T.
The best accessory overlooked!

This little simple magnetic disk is the best thing to be used with your phone. I put this disk on my steering wheel so when I’m on break or sitting somewhere I can quickly put my phone on it and give it a spin to watch YouTube without my phone on my lap. Bring at the center of my steering wheel makes life much easier when I’m eating lunch in my truck when I’m on the road. I can watch YouTube like a tv. It hasn’t moved at all with the heat or the cold. It holds my 13 pro max just fine in any orientation.

Michael R.J.
My phone now sticks to my bike better than I do.

My first Rockform servived a motorcycle crash and stayed on the bike. I fell off. I'm on number 2 using the 3M sticky backed adapter on my mountain bike. I continue to fall off but the phone does not. The aluminum stem mount is no joke. Do not be deceived by tech gimmicks from copy cat company's. If you ride on 2 wheels this is what you need.

Very Minimalist, Great Adhesive, and Holds tight!

I was looking for something really simple to hold onto my MagSafe wallet while my phone was in the windshield mount. Love this little guy! It holds the full weight of my phone on the road too

Joseph W.
Slim and incognito

Love these mounts, use two for my work and personal iPhones. Coworkers are always asking what they do and wow them once I show how they work!

Cassi W.
Always a Win

I ensure each “important” room in my house has one of these magnets. They let me go handsfree while doing my morning routine, cooking dinner or working out. Love it!