G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker

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    • Here is the ultimate easy-to-use golf speaker. It is a portable Bluetooth golf speaker that instantly sticks to a golf cart and other metal surfaces. This rugged iPX7 Waterproof & Dustproof wireless portable speaker is perfect for taking on and off the course. The G-ROK will provide you with 24-hour battery life, a 30-foot range of wireless quality sound, and one heck of a powerful magnetic hold to your golf cart. This speaker is a must-have for all golfers!

      • Easy-to-use magnetic mounting
      • iPX7 waterproof and dustproof
      • Rugged drop-resistant construction (5 ft)
      • 24 hours of play time
      • Built-in speaker phone
      • Wireless up to 30 ft
      • Optional Micro SD card that stores up to 5,000 songs
      • G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker with built-in twist-lock and magnets
      • Removable Aluminum Hook (for storing or hanging on golf bag)
      • AUX cable for connecting to non-wireless devices
      • USB power cord
      • Instruction manual
    • For detailed technical specifications please click here

      For a digital copy of the Instruction Manual of golf cart speakers please click here

      Why make golf cart speakers?

      There are a million wireless Bluetooth golf cart speakers out there, but we could not find one built with mounting options on our golf cart. As avid players who like music on the course, we wanted to create a golf cart Bluetooth speaker that was easy to use without complicated clamps or straps that break and get lost. Moreover, golf is hard enough without having to worry about where to put your portable Bluetooth speakers and cup holders for drinks. Choosing a G-ROK Bluetooth speaker will give you the best of both worlds: golf speakers that are convenient and provide amazing sound and directional audio. It is no wonder our customers keep choosing the G-ROK as the best golf Bluetooth speaker around.

      Do people get mad when you play music on the course?

      99% of the time, NO, when it is at an acceptable sound level. When playing with a group you don't know, the unwritten golf course etiquette is to ask if they mind music coming from your cart. Our golf cart Bluetooth speakers also rely on directional audio technology to decrease the amount of sound that may be spread across the golf course.

      In hundreds of rounds of golf, we have run into one person who said, "don't play music." He was probably just having a bad day, as others didn't mind the sound. Most people will already have their own music from a Bluetooth speaker and will probably ask you where you got yours, so that's a good way to meet new people! We always like to be considerate of others—the music from our Bluetooth speaker with a mount is just for the two people in the golf carts, not the people on a different cart or the other fairway.

      How strong are the magnets?

      Ridiculously strong. We use N52 Neodymium magnets for our golf cart speakers, which are the highest-grade magnet currently available. Most people's eyes light up when they attach the G-ROK to a golf cart; it's STRONG! Each magnet is rated for 38 pounds of pull, and the grippy back keeps the Bluetooth speaker from sliding. Once this Bluetooth golf speaker is stuck to the golf cart vertically so that both magnets are engaged, it is not moving, even over the biggest bumps. You will love this top-quality sound experience with our wireless sound system for custom golf carts.

      How to wire a radio in a 36v golf cart?

      With the magnetic and wireless G-ROK portable speaker, you can simply stick the stereo onto a metal surface within the golf cart. This couldn't be an easier process, and with 24-hour battery life, you can use your Bluetooth speaker plenty of times without needing to leave your cart to recharge. G-ROK portable Bluetooth speakers will play a high-quality sound that can be heard up to 100 feet away and is suitable for all golf carts with a metal surface for attachment.

      Unlike G-ROK speakers for golf carts, traditional wired speakers require careful installation into the golf cart, and the sound quality may not be as good. There are helpful guides that will take you through the step-by-step process of the wiring in the radio.

      To ensure that you stay safe while carrying out the installation, be sure to read one of these guides before starting. You may require a voltage reducer when wiring a traditional radio to match the radio voltage with the 36-volt golf cart. With G-ROK Bluetooth golf speakers, you can avoid all of this hassle and unnecessary work!

      Can you install a speaker system in a gas golf cart? Is it easy to add such features?

      G-ROK Bluetooth speakers for golf carts can be installed easily due to their super-strong magnet that will ensure they are always securely attached to the metal within the golf cart. Just make sure that both magnets are engaged, and then you can enjoy your day on the golf course with music that can be heard up to 100 feet away with the amazing sound quality!

      What are the other things you should consider?

      How long does the battery of the speaker last?

      It lasts about 24 hours of top-quality sound at up to 60% volume (very loud for the course) and 4.5 hours at max volume (way too loud for the course).

      How long does it take to charge the battery?

      About 4 hours if it’s completely dead.

      What is the size of the battery in mAH?


      Can I connect with another G-ROK Speaker?

      Yes, you can connect 2 speakers wirelessly.

      Can I connect with another G-ROK Bluetooth speaker for golf?

      Yes, you can connect two speakers wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity.

      How many G-ROK golf cart speakers can I connect together?

      Maximum of two.

      How do I unpair 2 G-ROK speakers?

      Press the "M" button on one of the speakers.

      Can you use an AUX cable to connect multiple speakers?

      No. You can connect 2 G-ROK speakers with their own built-in wireless connection.

      Is the G-ROK waterproof?

      Yes, the G-ROK is waterproof but only with the waterproof seal closed. It is rated IPX7 which means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Be sure to have the seal securely closed before exposing it to water.

      What does IPX7 mean?

      IPX7 is a water resistance rating that says the G-ROK can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes and is fully dustproof with the seal completely sealed and closed. However, when the seal is OPEN, the G-ROK is NOT water or dust resistant.

      Can I take my G-ROK to the beach or to a swimming pool?

      Yes, you can, but these speakers were designed for the rigours of golf and not the beach or the swimming pool. If you use it at the beach or pool and it gets dirty or wet from saltwater or chlorine, be sure to rinse it with fresh water with the seal closed and let it completely dry before charging. The micro-USB charging cable included with the G-ROK is not waterproof.

      Never charge your speaker if the micro-USB port, charging cable, or connectors are wet, dirty, or damaged. Always charge your speaker with a clean, dry micro-USB connector. If you think your cable or connector has been compromised in any way by water or other contaminants, do not use it to charge your portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. Contact us for a replacement cable at 855-765-3676.

      Does the speaker float?

      Yes, but it is only waterproof with the seal closed.

      If it gets sandy or dusty, can I clean it?

      Yes. With the seal completely closed, it can be hosed off with water and even completely submerged.

      What happens when I am playing music, and a call comes in?

      The phone will ring over the speaker sound system, and you can answer by pushing the "M" button to use the built-in speakerphone or on your phone like a normal call. You can also reject the call on your phone or push the "M" button for two seconds.

      What is the wireless range of the speaker?

      30 feet.

      Is there an app for my G-ROK?

      The G-ROK is perfectly optimized for use without needing an app. Simply control your G-ROK from your phone or from the G-ROK itself.

      Is there a way to update the software on my G-ROK?

      The G-ROK was created with the best features available, so you will not need a software update to make it better.

      With two speakers connected, do you get stereo sound?


      Can I use the G-ROK speaker to charge my phone?

      No. The golf cart speakers are not power banks.

      Does this speaker have NFC?


      How do you factory reset the speaker?

      Hold down the power button for 10 seconds.

      What is the max volume dBA?

      Too loud for the course, we recommend a 30-50% volume on the course.

      Will it work with any phone?

      Yes, it works with Android or iOS; we have not found a phone yet that the speaker does not work with.

      Does it work with a TV?

      Yes, if your TV is wireless compatible. Any wireless compatible device for that matter or if it has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack (cable included).

      Can the speaker provide audio for a video, such as watching a movie on a tablet?

      Yes, as long as it's paired with the G-ROK speaker.

      Is it shockproof?

      Yes, tested from 5 ft on hard and soft surfaces.

      Can I use headphones?

      Yes, it has a headphone jack.

      Can you use an SD Card?

      Yes, you can purchase an optional Micro SD card of up to 32GB (about 5,000 songs). Micro SD cards are available on our website for purchase. (link) We recommend the SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC Ultra Memory Card. There are many other options out there, but this is the one we recommend.

      How do I switch from playing music from my phone to using the SD card?

      Simply push the "M" button.

      What color does it come in?


      Is this a stereo speaker?


      Does it turn off automatically after I stop listening?

      Yes. It automatically turns off after 15 minutes of not being used.

      Will it play while charging?


      Can you activate it with your voice?


      Will it work with Alexa?


      Are there skip/repeat buttons on the speaker?

      Yes. You can skip songs, pause, repeat, control the volume, etc. You can also control it from your phone.

      What is the actual weight and dimensions of the speaker?

      Total speaker weight = 502grams (17.7oz), speaker Dimensions = 78mm x 44mm x 165mm (3.07" x 1.73" x 6.5").

      What is the weight and dimensions of the box it comes in?

      Total package weight = 759 grams (26.7oz), box dimensions = 119mm x 80mm x 202mm (4.68" x 3.15" x 7.95").

      What kind of magnets are in the speaker, and why are they so strong?

      The G-ROK has 2x 31.75mm x 6.35mm (1.25” x .25”) N52 Neodymium Magnets. This is the highest grade of magnet available and each one is rated at 38lbs. of pull.

      Can I customize the speaker?

      Yes, we offer Custom Logo Printing for all types of events, businesses, gifts and more. Please call to order or get more information. Toll-Free 855-765-3676 or e-mail to info@rokform.com

      What is the warranty?

      It has a 1-year limited warranty, 60-day money-back guarantee.

      Call us if you have any questions, and find the perfect speakers today here at ROKFORM!

      Instantly Sticks to Cart
      Two ridiculously strong magnets grip carts over any terrain.

      Waterproof and Rugged
      IPX7 water and dustproof for rain or shine use, heavy-duty construction resists shocks and drops.

      Up to 6 Rounds on a Single Charge
      It has a 24-hour battery life at up to 60% volume.

      Lighter Than a Box of Balls
      Big sound that easily slides into your golf bag and doesn't weigh you down.

      Play Music With or Without a Phone
      Optional MICRO SD card holds up to 5,000 songs.

      Great Sound
      Dual 8 Watt drivers deliver a clear, crisp sound and just the right amount of bass for the course.

      Pair 2 G-ROK Speakers
      This is for the ultimate on-course experience.

      Hook It Up
      All aluminum hook for easy and secure attachment to your golf bag.

      Hands-Free Calling
      With one press of a button, you can answer and talk with a built-in speakerphone.

      Easy to Operate
      Operate from your phone or speaker with easy-to-use buttons. Play, pause, volume, skip, answer calls, and power.

      Custom Printing
      Available for Corporate Events, Company Gifts, and more! Call 1-855-765-3676 or email info@rokform.com to get an order started!
      Low Minimums and Pricing Available

      Get Yours Today!
      The perfect gift for:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 354 reviews
Alexandra H.
Golf Speaker

I love that this Golf Speaker is magnetic. Also the battery life last longer 💕

Chris P.
Great speaker up to 60mph

Works good with a handlebar mount on a harley. Not the best over 60mph. Great option if you dont want a hardwired speaker

Robert C.
Awesome speaker!

I struggle to think of how this speaker could be better. When attached to my golf push cart (using the bike mount) it directs the sound directly at me. As a result I can enjoy music and not worry about distracting others. It is easily loud enough to allow others to hear if the volume is turned up. Highly recommend!

Absolutely love these speakers. I bought two, paired together for stereo sound on the golf cart.

It definitely creates a more fun atmosphere with music while golfing. The guys in the other cart were very jealous.
Speakers are great to take anywhere and I have it in my office during the day. Highly recommend you get them.

G M.
Great Speakers

Battery time is longer then I was think used them everyday for a week and half any where 2 to 7 hours still on the same charge just now a 60%. I am very happy with them and work great in the Polaris Ranger.

David C.
2 Thumbs Up!

So far very impressed with the pair of RokForm speakers I ordered. If you ever make a bigger, slightly more powerful version of this speaker, please let me know, I’d love to beta test it on my golf cart! Thanks!

Love my G-ROK!

Looks great, sounds great and I use it every time I play. The magnets are amazing and the battery life is outstanding. Now all of my friends have one too!
Great product!!!

Greg T.
G Rok Rocks!!!

I love this speaker system. I would love to see a bike mount specifically for it.

Kevin C.

Freaking awesome. I have it magnetized to the roof of my CAT telehandler tl1255d

Jeffrey W.
Great Speaker

I ordered this speaker to use on my cart at work. It’s great!!! Sound is awesome and it securely sticks to the cart frame. Thanks to Lex and Terry for telling me about Rokform.