4 questions to ask before buying enterprise phone cases for your employees

4 questions to ask before buying enterprise phone cases for your employees

According to a recent report by Gartner, more than 63% of enterprises expect their desktops to be replaced by mobile devices by 2020.
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Smartphone device use in the workplace is increasing rapidly. According to a recent report by Gartner, more than 63% of enterprises expect their desktops to be replaced by mobile devices by 2020. Within the same time frame, 85% of enterprises expect to deploy employee-owned-device or mixed-use policies, potentially tripling the number of mobile devices in the workplace.

Providing employees with a mobile work device is a big investment that is is increasingly essential to boost work accessibility. If your employees are using smartphones at work, protecting mobile smartphone devices and your company's investment should be a top priority. Drops are inevitable, but damage isn’t. Providing enterprise phone cases for your employees dramatically reduces that chances of damage from drops and spills. The cost of repairing or replacing smartphones goes beyond financial; having to repair or replace a smartphone dramatically hampers work productivity.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to protect the devices your employees rely on by purchasing phone cases and accessories that suit the work environment. With the right smartphone case you can support employee productivity, protect your investment, and save your IT team hours of hassle.

Not all phone cases are created equal. The $5 cases you can buy off a wholesaler in bulk might seem like a better option initially, but you’ll soon regret not investing in a better case when your employees start inundating your IT department with damaged smartphones. After all, within one year roughly 30% of all smartphones will suffer accidental damage.

Before purchasing smartphone cases for the entire company, you should ask yourself the following questions.


What will your employees be doing? 

When it comes to case basics, functionality is the first thing you should consider. What types of environments will your employees be using the phone in? Employees that spend the majority of their time seated in an office setting will have different case needs than those working outdoors or in more trying environments. If your employees will be on their feet and moving for the majority of their workday, their phones will be susceptible to drops. If driving is a big part of the job requirements, compatibility with mounting accessories is important. Providing car phone mounts is absolutely necessary in states where mounted devices is the law.

In addition to phone cases, there are many other accessories that can vastly improve working conditions for employees. If virtual meetings through mobile devices are likely, purchasing case that are compatible with stands and docks would be helpful.


Rugged collection for businesses in office
Consider your employees' work environment when deciding between different case options.


How much protection will their smartphones need?

How protective does the phone case need to be? Again, this is highly dependent on the work environment so it’s important to consider the previous question before thinking about how durable the case should be. A standard measurement for phone case strength and durability doesn’t exist, but there are ways to determine how much protection a case offers.

Since the main purpose of any phone case is to protect the phone, the materials used should be the first thing you look at here. While most generic phone cases are made of plastic, the types of plastic vary as well. Other materials used for cases include wood, silicone, carbon fiber, leather and synthetic leather, and metal. Evaluate the strength and durability of any phone case further by examining its construction. Is there more than one layer of protection for the phone? Are all sides of the phone covered? Does it use shock-absorbing material? 

Rokform Rugged cases are built with a protective hard polycarbonate outer shell and soft impact resistant core to create shockproof protection. They have been tested to exceed military drop standards MIL-STD 801G-516.6. 

Rugged for Business and Enterprises
Employees who are constantly moving will need more protection for their mobile devices. 

How can your company maximize this investment?

Adding a company logo to the phone case is a great opportunity to add additional brand value with employee cases. Find out if there are any customizations available for the phone case.

For employees working in customer-facing positions, having a customized logo is great because it can help increase brand recognition. Branded equipment adds an elevated level of company professionalism while showing potential clients that you invest in the small but important details.


How much does it cost?

No company purchase decision would be complete without considering the cost. Find out if there are any added benefits to purchasing in bulk. Sometimes you can save a little by reducing packaging for large orders.

Additionally, you should consider any additional value that might be offered through manufacturer support. Does the case come with any additional support or warranty? What does it protect? You might be surprised to find out that not all cell phone case manufacturers back their cases with warranties.

Choosing to purchase a phone case means you're choosing to protect your company's investment. Don't skimp on quality in favor of lowered (initial) costs. The long term benefits of a well-protected phone far exceed any short term savings. 


Product Recommendations for Business

Great, you’ve answered all of the questions above and have a better idea of your businesses mobile device protection needs. Now what? Rokform has a plethora of options to choose from depending on your company’s priority considerations. By and large, the most popular option for enterprises is Rokform’s Rugged Collection, which is available for the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. It checks the box across durability, warranty, and customization at a price point that any company would appreciate. The Rokform Rugged Collection of phone cases also include Rokform's signature integrated mounting system, RokLock, which adds an additional level of protection while giving users the ability to mount the device to an assortment of accessories.


Rugged for Business layers
Rokform's Rugged Cases protect your investment with a shock absorbing core and premium quality materials.


Roksafe Magnetic Mounting

Since 2011, Rokform has been the pioneers of Safe Magnetic Mounting for iPhone. All cases feature Roksafe magnets, which you can use to mount your device to any magnetic metal surfaces or one of our magnet mounts. If your employees work in transportation, construction, or around heavy machinery, the magnet is especially useful. It is guaranteed safe, and will not affect your GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Credit Cards, Apple pay, Data Transfer or Camera.


Beyond Protection

Rokform cases have been thoroughly tested to ensure you have the most protective case possible. The Rugged Case encompasses multiple layers of defense against drops, utilizing a shock absorbing soft inner liner, and a tough outer clear polycarbonate shell. It has been drop tested at 6 feet and exceeds Military Grade Standards MIL-STD 801G-516.6..

In addition, all Rokform smartphone cases come with a 2-year warranty to further protect your investment. Cases can be customized with your company logo, too! The proof is in the customer stories. Smartphones have been run over by trucks and dropped from over 5 stories high and survived because they were protected with Rokform cases.

Do you want to give your employees even more protection for their smartphone devices? Check out the cases in Rokform’s Fuzion or Fuzion Pro Collections, which are built with aircraft grade aluminum to add even more protection. If your employees’ smartphone devices are susceptible to scratches while working, you can also add a tempered glass screen protector to any phone. The oleophobic coating feels and looks just like the original screen.


In 2016, enterprise-owned cell phones represented 26.2% of the almost $4 billion cell phone repair market. Don’t get sucked into that market! Protect your company investments with Rokform’s Rugged phone cases for businesses.

Take a look at Rokform's full case collection online and then contact Customer Support online or at (855) 765-3676.

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