What's the Best Phone Mount for your SUV?

by Krista A. September 06, 2019

What's the Best Phone Mount for your SUV?

Do you own an SUV? We’ve put together a list with the best phone mount for some of the most popular SUVs in 2019.

Finding a reliable location to mount your smartphones can be tricky for SUV owners. Some mounts you find on the market are not only bulky, they actually block visibility, which ultimately does more harm than good. Today we’re showcasing the best phone mounts for popular SUV models and including a photo collection of the perfect spots to place your phone mount for maximum use and optimal visibility.


The SUV Phone Mounts

Rokform Swivel Mount

Rokform swivel mount

The Swivel Mount installs onto any SUV dash with powerful 3M VHB adhesive and can be easily adjusted to find the best viewing angle. 

Swivel Mount Features:

  • Perfect viewing angle – 360-degree rotation on aircraft aluminum swivel
  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide
  • Super grip with easy install – 3M VHB adhesive is residue-free
  • High quality materials – made with CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminum and 3M VHB adhesive


Price: $29.99

Order Swivel Mount


Rokform Vent Mount

Rokform vent mount, rokform super grip vent mount

Finding an open and accessible spot on your dashboard can be more difficult than you think. If that's the case for your SUV, look no further than the Vent Mount. The Vent Mount easily installs onto most air vents for a secure hold.

Vent Mount Features:

  • Mounts onto your SUV's air conditioning vent
  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide with 15 lb. pull for the ultimate grip
  • Universal system – A thin steel plate is included for use with any phone case
  • Super grip – Vent clip is made from Super Grip TPE that won’t slip


Price: $19.99

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Rokform Low Pro Dash Mount

rokform bad ass mount BAM mount

The beauty of the Low Pro mount is its versatility. Since it is less than an inch wide, you are sure to find multiple spots in your SUV where you can mount your phone.

Low Pro Mount Features:

  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide with 15 lb. Pull for the ultimate grip
  • Super grip with easy install – 3M adhesive backing mounts to any flat surface
  • Unobstructed view – Small size for the perfect fit on your dash


Price: $19.99

Buy Low Pro Dash Mount


Phone Mount for GMC Acadia

gmc acadia phone mount 1

gmc acadia  phone mount 2

gmc acadia  phone mount 3


Low Pro Mount

The GMC Acadia posted its best worldwide Q1 sales ever in 2019, and it's no surprise why. The interior boasts better space and features a beautiful dash that's perfect for the Low Pro Mount. There is ample space along the GMC Infotainment system to install the Low Pro in the perfect spot for you.


Phone Mount for Chevy Tahoe

chevy tahoe  phone mount 1

chevy tahoe  phone mount 2

chevy tahoe  phone mount 3

Swivel Mount 

There are great Rokform mounting options in the Chevy Tahoe. The flat dashboard surface is perfect for the Swivel Mount (pictured above).The large air vents work perfectly with Rokform’s vent mount without cutting off your air supply. Plus, there's plenty of open space to install a Low Pro mount between the air vent and Driver Information Center.


Phone Mount for Ford Flex

ford flex  phone mount 1

ford flex  phone mount 2

ford flex  phone mount 3

Vent Mount

The Ford Flex SUV crossover has well-sized center air vents that work well with the Vent Mount (pictured above). They're long enough that you can wtick the mount on the top section of your vent and still let airflow pass on the bottom. There's also a ton of space above the information center or next to the vent, if you want to use the Low Pro or Swivel mounts.


Phone Mount for Jeep Cherokee

jeep cherokee  phone mount 1

jeep cherokee  phone mount 2

jeep cherokee  phone mount 3

Vent Mount

The latest Jeep Cherokee models have nice large air vents that are perfect for the Vent Mount. There's also some great surface area between the air vents and the information center that can be used to install the Low Pro mount. Above the information center, there's lots of space on the dashboard to find the perfect spot for the Swivel Mount. 

Phone Mounts for Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRX  phone mount 1

Cadillac SRX  phone mount 2

Cadillac SRX  phone mount 3

Vent Mount

The Cadillac SRX may have been discontinued in 2016, but we still have lots of customers asking for advice about the best phone mount. Like the Ford Flex and the Jeep Cherokee, the Cadillac SRX has nice long air vents that are great for the Vent Mount. With smooth surfaces aplenty above the information center and vents, the Swivel Mount is also a great option.


Mount your phone with any magnetic Rokform case

Rugged Case

For the optimal use of the mounts above, picking up a Rokform case is essential. The Rugged case (pictured above) is not only the most popular case, it's also the toughest. The built-in magnet will grip to all Rokform mounts we've featured. The Rugged is also handy for tons of other daily uses. 

Price: $39.99+

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Fuzion Pro Case

rokform fuzion pro

Another great option is the Fuzion Pro case. Fuzion Pro is fused from the finest materials, including CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber, plus high quality TPU and tough polycarbonate. The TPU provides shock protection around the entire case, protecting your phone from the most common points of impact. Raised edges offer protection for your screen while the anti-slip grip prevents your case from getting scratched. With a smartphone case that’s stacked with premium materials, you won’t be surprised when your case outlasts the life of your smartphone.

The quality of the Fuzion Pro is clear not only in its durability, (it exceeds military drop test standard MIL-STD 901G-516.6) but also in its thoughtful design. You don’t need to worry about poor design and functionality with this case. The ultra-responsive buttons and easy access ports help create a seamless user experience.

Price: $69.99

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Why Rokform

Since 2011, Rokform has pioneered the use of magnetic mounts for safe and reliable smartphone mounting. The magnet is guaranteed safe and will not affect the performance of your GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, credit cards, Apple pay, data transfer, or camera.

Rokform cases have been thoroughly tested to ensure your case is reliably protected and the proof is in the customer stories. Smartphones have been run over by trucks and dropped from over 5 stories high and survived because they were protected with Rokform cases! All Rokform products are backed by a two-year warranty and award-winning customer service.

Do you have your Rokform mount mounted on a different location? Take a photo of your set up and share it with us!

In a few weeks will be highlighting the best mounts for Toyota SUVs - stay tuned!

Krista A.
Krista A.


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