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Customer Testimonial: Mounted RokBed v3 Helped Call 911

by Jessica Petyo August 12, 2013

Customer Testimonial: Mounted RokBed v3 Helped Call 911

Frequently, we have the pleasure of receiving notes, messages, and emails from our adoring fans. Sometimes they are positive, excited, joyous, and, let’s be honest, sometimes we get some pointers where we could do better. But, the following account from a customer is shocking, terrifying, and, because of Rokform, has a happy ending.

We recently received a story from Jennifer Marie, whose name has been changed for privacy. She sent us a story recounting her car accident and how her iPhone 4S RokBed v3 plus the included Remote Mounting System (RMS) helped her reach the iPhone and place a 911 call.

Jennifer had used the RokBed v3 on her iPhone 4S for around a year and became accustom to mounting the case into the RMS, which was located on her Jeep’s dashboard. The RMS uses a 3M adhesive to stick, just about anywhere. Strategically formed, the RokBed v3 back locks into the RMS puck-like device, wherever it may be located.

Tragically, Jennifer swerved to miss a stray tire that was laying in the road, but ended up hitting a tractor trailer, the side guardrail, the 18-wheeler again, then finally slammed into a cement wall, all of which Jennifer jestingly calls “an awful game of ping-pong.” Everything in her Jeep was thrown everywhere. Not only was her vehicle tossed around, the contents inside were also strewn about.

Once her vehicle came to a halt, despite the terrible damage to the vehicle and contents inside, Jennifer reports seeing her iPhone sitting perfectly on the dash. Pushing the airbags down, she grabbed the iPhone, called 911, and stepped out of the wreckage.

After her life calmed down, she emailed us to report:

Your product did exactly what it was made to do. In the chaos, I was able to find my phone exactly where I left it and make the call myself, instead of depending on the good Samaritans who stopped to help. When I get my next vehicle, you can bet that I will be buying another mount! Thank you for making a great product.

As you can see, Rokform prides itself on creating quality, rugged products that not only make life easier, but also safer. Certainly, the primary function of the RokBed v3 and Remote Mounting System was not intended for car crashes, but it provided Jennifer with the ability to easily dial 911 after a terrible car accident.

Imagine how difficult it would be to find an iPhone thrown inside your vehicle during a terrible accident. There may not be anyone around to call for help and your iPhone may not be in reach, like Jennifer’s RokBed protected and mounted iPhone 4S. Consider the iPhone 4/S RokBed v3 or iPhone 5 RokShield v3, for yourself or a family member that may also benefit from the safety this device offers. Additionally, the v3 Magnet Kit and Magnetic Car Mount accessories are perfect for using on the dashboard.

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Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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