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Improve your golf swing with the all-new Golf Shooter [SHIPPING NOW!]

by Krista A. June 18, 2021

Improve your golf swing with the all-new Golf Shooter [SHIPPING NOW!]

It’s back and it’s better than ever. Newly redesigned with added features. Improve your golf swing with the all-new Golf Shooter. 

We’ve revamped the Golf Shooter just as summer golf season gets into full swing, and it’s redesigned with all the features you want and need. Step up your golf game and analyze your swing with the Golf Shooter, available now on Rokform.com.




Record and improve your golf swing with the Golf Shooter

The first version of our Golf Shooter was released more than eight years ago, and it was an instant hit with amateurs and golf pros alike. With the addition of a few new features, the Golf Shooter has been elevated to a whole new level.

The Golf Shooter lets you quickly get video feedback on the range or golf course, so you can continuously improve every aspect of your swing. Simply push the Golf Shooter into the turf, attach your Rokform case to the Golf Shooter using magnet technology or RokLock Twist Lock mount system, line it up with the right view, and shoot your video. Two alignment sticks are even included in the box to ensure perfect alignment. 

Afterwards, you can instantly watch the video to identify your own swing improvements, or share it with your coach. The video analysis can help you easily identify flaws in your set up, swing path, club face, impact position and even help analyze physical limitations that are keeping you from making your best swing. 

When it’s time to move to the next hole, the lightweight shooter fits easily into golf bags, functioning as a 15th club. A built in bottle opener will be a hit at the 19th hole (or earlier!). 


  • CNC machined aluminum head. Allows for twist lock or magnetic phone mounting

  • High quality materials. Stiff Graphite shaft is lightweight and stiff, so it won’t wobble in windy conditions

  • Quick set-up. Use on the course or on the range

  • Felt lined PU leather. Head cover protects Golf shooter and won’t scratch your clubs

  • Aluminum tip. Easily pierces through the turf for fast and easy set-up

  • Built-in bottle opener. Open your favorite cold beverage 

  • Camera compatible. Universal 1/4-20 thread can be used with any camera


What’s included in the box

  • Graphite shaft with specially designed aluminum tip ¼-20 threaded end

  • Detachable twist lock and magnetic screw on head with bottle opener

  • Soft PU Leather embroidered head cover

  • 2x Composite alignment sticks

  • 1x Instruction manual




Rokform Golf Shooter to Record Golf Swing 1

Rokform Golf Shooter to Record Golf Swing 2

Rokform Golf Shooter to Record Golf Swing 3

Rokform Golf Shooter to Record Golf Swing 4

Krista A.
Krista A.


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