The Rugged S Series for Samsung phones

by Krista A. May 10, 2019

The Rugged S Series for Samsung phones

Built for people who are always on the move, our Rugged S smartphone cases package superior protection into a slim, sleek design. But what makes the Rugged S stand out from other heavy-duty cases on the market? We’re highlighting some of our favorite aspects of the cases here. 

Before we dive in, you may be wondering, “What’s the difference between the Rugged and the Rugged S?” The answer is simple. S is for Samsung. Our Rugged S cases are made specifically for the most popular Samsung smartphone models, including Galaxy and Note.


Thinly designed with superior protection

We’ve heard time and time again that people stray away from protective cases because they don’t want to walk around with a brick in their hands. Unlike other “rugged” cases on the market, the Rugged S protects your phone without adding bulk, so you can effortlessly slip your phone in and out of your pocket. The Rugged S is drop tested from up to six feet and exceeds military drop test standards (MIL-STD 901G-516.6). The case dutifully absorbs shocks and drops because of its unique patented construction—a forgiving inner liner, high-impact polycarbonate armor, and shock absorbing TPU with reinforced corners.


Perfect fit keeps dust and dirt from getting between your smartphone and case

We know case fit is important—a poorly designed case not only fits awkwardly, letting dirt and dust in, but it also means your phone doesn’t have proper protection when accidents occur. The Rugged S wraps around your smartphone like a glove, thanks to our heavy focus on precision design and every last detail. That means advanced protection from dirt, dust, and anything else that can sneak into small gaps. You’ll be able to seamlessly enjoy all the features of your phone with Rugged S’s easy-to-use buttons and an oversized port opening for accessible charging.


Transition seamlessly from house to car to bike to gym (and more!)

The Rugged S is boosted by added functionality, so you don’t have to fuss around with different cases and a pile of accessories as you move throughout your day. Thanks to the RokLock twist lock mount system and magnetic technology, which are built into the case, you can mount your phone to Rokform car mounts, bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, and more, all within seconds.


Mounts easily onto metal surfaces using built-in magnet

You will wow friends with the strength of the built-in neodymium magnet, which grips almost any metal object to make life a little easier. The magnet adds an additional layer of security when mounting but is also a huge help when you’re constantly moving. Instantly stick your case away from harm’s way and onto any magnetic surface, like toolboxes, refrigerators, car parts, heavy equipment, gym weight machines, and much more. The best part about our magnets is that they are tried and tested—Rokform magnets will not harm your smartphone GPS or credit cards.


Additional information about Rugged S cases

Rokform Rugged S cases are easily modified to be wireless charging capable. Simply pop the magnet out ­of the case to start charging wirelessly within seconds. If you’re looking to charge wirelessly and still maintain magnet functionality, we recommend purchasing the RokLock magnet plug, which lets you enjoy the best of both worlds (magnet and Qi charging) at the same time. When using the S Pen on your Samsung smartphone, the magnet must be removed from your Rugged S case.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist, daily car commuter, CrossFit junkie, or anything else in between, the Rugged S is a true all-purpose phone case built to bolster your active and demanding lifestyles.


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Rugged S for Samsung Galaxy S10

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Rugged S for Samsung Galaxy S9

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Rugged S Note 9

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